CV Power Words

CV Power Words – How to write a successful CV Part 4

Power words and verbs are key the success of your CV. You should aim to use some of these words at the beginning of bullet points.

For example, many CVs have points such as “I was responsible for increasing turnover through restructuring ranging .” This would sound better with a power word starting the sentence, “Increased turnover through restructured ranging”.

The following is a list of the power words you should use in your CV.

Absorbed, Accelerated, Accomplished, Achieved, Acquired, Acted, Adapted, Added, Adjusted, Administered, Advanced, Advertised, Advised, Aided, Allocated, Announced, Amended, Analysed, Anticipated, Appointed, Appraised, Approved, Arranged, Ascertained, Assembled, Assigned, Assessed, Assisted, Attained ,Attracted, Authorised


Balanced, Bargained, Bolstered, Boosted, Broadened, Budgeted, Built


Calculated, Capitalised, Captured, Catalogued, Centralised, Chaired, Changed, Closed, Collaborated, Collected, Combined, Commissioned, Communicated, Comply, Compared, Compiled, Completed, Composed, Conceived, Conceptualised, Condensed, Conducted, Consolidated, Constructed, Consulted, Contracted, Contributed, Controlled, Converted, Convinced, Coordinated, Corrected, Created, Cultivated


Decided, Decreased, Deferred, Defined, Delegated, Delivered, Demonstrated, Designated, Designed, Developed, Devised, Directed, Discovered, Displayed, Distinguished, Distributed, Diversified, Documented, Doubled


Earned, Edited, Efficient, Eliminated, Enabled, Encouraged, Enforced, Engaged, Enriched, Engineered, Enhanced, Enlarged, Established, Evaluated, Examined, Exceeded, Excelled, Excellent, Executed, Exercised, Expanded, Expertise, Extended, Extracted


Facilitated, Financed, Focused, Forecasted, Formed, Formulated, Founded, Fulfilled


Gained, Gathered, Generated, Global, Granted, Guided


Handled, Headed, Helped, Hosted


Identified, Illustrated, Implemented, Improved, Improvised, Increased, Influenced, Initiated, Innovated, Inspired, Instigated, Integrated, Interfaced, Introduced, Invented, Invested, Investigated


Joined, Judged, Justified


Launched, Lead, Lightened, Listened ,Localised, Located, Logged


Maintained, Managed, Marketed, Maximised, Measured, Mentored, Merchandised, Merged, Met, Minimised, Modified, Monitored, Motivated, Multiplied


Named, Negotiated


Observed, Obtained, Offered, Opened, Operated, Ordered, Organised, Overhauled, Oversaw


Participated, Performed, Persuaded, Pinpointed, Pioneered, Placed, Planned, Prepared, Presented, Prevented, Prioritised, Processed, Produced, Programmed, Projected, Promoted, Proposed, Proven, Provided, Published, Pursued


Quantified, Quoted


Raised, Reacted, Received, Recommended, Reconciled, Recorded, Recovered, Recruited, Rectified, Redesigned, Reduced, Refined, Reinstated, Rejected, Renegotiated, Reorganised, Replaced, Repaired, Reported, Resolved, Responded, Restored, Restructured, Resulted, Retained, Revamp, Revealed, Reversed, Reviewed, Revised


Saved, Scheduled, Screened, Secured, Segmented, Selected, Separated, Shaped, Shortened, Simplified, Skilled, Sold, Solved, Spearheaded, Specified, Speculated, Stabilised, Staffed, Standardised, Stimulated, Streamlined, Strengthened, Strong, Structured, Successfully, Suggested, Supervised, Supported, Sustained


Tailored, Targeted, Taught, Tested, Trained, Transformed, Translated, Tripled, Triumphed, Troubleshoot, Tutored


Uncovered, Undertook, Unified, United, Updated, Upgraded, Used, Utilised


Validated, Valued, Verified, Viewed, Visited


Widened, Witnessed, Won, Worked, Worldwide, Wrote


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