Actions to help get a promotion — 174 Comments

  1. Getting promotion is a mark of professional excellence that comes with hard work and more so developing exceptional business acumen that will add value beyond the existing norms and deliver results that stand out when compared to key performance indicators so these lessons truly unlock this path of excellence

  2. The lessons you provide offer practical aspects that serve as career building blocks and I find them very inspiring especially on how to write a saleable cv to catch employers attention

    • l realy appreciate your effort in giving people better life awareness
      . my regard

  3. I am very grateful for your publications.l lost a job and for another within a month with a double salary offer than the previous one.all this was through the CV style you gave me.keep it up

  4. Getting promoted is an importent solution for every person desireness
    .Every person wants to get promoted position.No on is not happy in their position.they prefer best to best
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