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  1. I found it is helpfull to most people especially in the developed world. You know the basic problem in underdeveloped world is that in most cases your life is going as other people or group wants. Especially the political ellites and those with better economic holdings. in such cases how could we achieve our plans? Thank you.

  2. Career management model is a direction of planning you have to follow in order to achieve your goals in life. Falling to plan is planning to fall. So if you don’t attempþ to control the direction that life takes, it could take you anywhere. Thanks a lot.

  3. thanks for the lesson, I will have to redefine my priorities, though I find it difficult to set goals, this I feel will help.

  4. well thanks 4 the tips, but what should i do finding that i,m agraduate loosing focus on my career that i have spend years working to achieve it and yet being depressed and loosing focus, thats to say no one is ready to recruit you. hence loosing your experience in it, what should i do to make an excellency in it???

  5. Thanks very much for such important lesson. I am a civil servant in Ghana, but the field that I am now is quite different from my career path. I sometimes think I have derailed. This lesson is helping me to reconsider where I am to where I want to be. I will soon take the bold step to thread on the right path.
    Thanks once more.


  6. Thanks and appreciation to you for this lesson and practical research that Aiv management science and we are in the third world in need of such courses and subtraction by communication in order to educate the staff for the success and enable them to work Bslob modern management,entrepreneurship and innovation

    Engineer mohamed

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