Writing Contact reports

A contact report documents a meeting between two parties, who are working on a project together. For example, a salesperson meeting their client, a client with a consultant, a buying team with a design team, or a solicitor with their … Continue reading →

Writing Effective Business Reports

Before you begin Before you even start to research the report, make certain that you and report’s commissioners have agreed on the topic, scope, and objectives of the report, and you have it in writing. If this is a large … Continue reading →

Writing a scholarship application

Scholarship evaluation teams usually have more applications than scholarships, so this letter has to make your case more compelling than everyone else’s. Find out what criteria the sponsor will use to evaluate applications, and write your letter accordingly. You should … Continue reading →

Writing a personal statement

There are a number of occasions on which you might be asked to write a personal statement. You will write one in your CV, you may be asked to include one with a college or university application. Take time with … Continue reading →

Writing personal documents

When you are asked to write an application letter of any sort, you should understand thoroughly what the job, programme or course that you are applying for entails, and what you will be required to do. Once you have established … Continue reading →

Letter of resignation

When you want to resign your position, you should put it in writing to formally give notice of your intentions. You need to agree a termination date so that you can take up your new position. The HR department need … Continue reading →

Writing effective Meeting Minutes

Style and Format The style format and content that you use to record the Minutes of Meetings depends on the organisation, its level of formality, its size and culture. I am offering an informal guide, for less formal meetings and … Continue reading →

Business emails

Email is probably the most frequently used way of communicating in many businesses today. But remember that email is the distribution method rather than the type of communication. Business conventions still need to be observed, such as not using slang, … Continue reading →