How to Communicate Effectively in Business

In today’s information age, we send, receive, and process huge numbers of messages every day. But although communication seems to be a simple thing, there is a lot of misunderstanding in both personal and professional relationships. It is worth investing … Continue reading →

Dealing with workplace conflict

Conflict causes problems for the business, because it does have consequences in terms of behaviour changes in the business. Unresolved conflicts lead to unhappy staff, reduced productivity, antagonism, inefficiency and stress. Motivation drops- fewer people volunteer to help with new tasks, … Continue reading →

Managing difficult staff

Having a “difficult “ member of staff can become a major irritant and demotivator for the rest of the group. For example the kind of person who arrives late, always needs to leave early, rarely delivers work to deadlines and … Continue reading →

Time Management

In today’s busy environment most of us are constantly bombarded with calls on our time. Work, emails, tweets, beeping mobiles, telephone, family, children, spouses, and friends. Sometimes it feels like we are running to stand still and not actually making … Continue reading →

What is management? An overview

My favourite definition of management is “achieving things through other people”. The manager’s job is to produce the results, achieve the task, using the resources of time, staff and equipment. Managers need to specify the resources required to achieve the … Continue reading →

Preparing for an interview

When called for interview and you have a short time to prepare for it. Your objective is to collect enough information to acquit yourself well at the interview, but also to be sure this job will be right for you. … Continue reading →

Body Language

Being aware of your body language is very powerful, whether you want to make a good impression, or keep your thoughts to yourself. It forms a large part of the nonverbal communication between you and others. There are sometimes cultural … Continue reading →