What is management? An overview

My favourite definition of management is “achieving things through other people”. The manager’s job is to produce the results, achieve the task, using the resources of time, staff and equipment. Managers need to specify the resources required to achieve the … Continue reading →

Can you learn Leadership?

Opinion is divided on this issue. Let’s consider what some academics and business people in the field have to say on the subject. Peter Drucker, one of the foremost business thinkers of our time, says there may be born leaders, … Continue reading →

How does Leadership work?

When an entrepreneur creates a business, they first of all concentrate on getting the business off the ground. This requires a great deal of energy, one of the hallmarks of entrepreneurs. Once the business is up and running the culture … Continue reading →

Leadership and Management

“Leadership and management” are often discussed in the same breath, but are actually different skills. Let’s have a look at them both to get an understanding of them. According to Wikipedia, Leadership has been described as “a process of social … Continue reading →