One boss who is always complaining

I have one boss who is always complaining, whatever task he gives you he is complaining about it. And this is not only for me but also many employees, his behaviour reduces the morale of the workforce. He gives you … Continue reading →

Questions in an interview panel

Kindly assist in answering this questions in an interview panel… 1.Introduce yourself 2.Why do you think you are the best candidate for this job? This is a great question. It is exactly the kind of answer you should have thought … Continue reading →

My subordinates were declared redundant

I am in a situation where our organisation has changed the structure. All my subordinates were declared redundant, although some remained. My position has been changed. Those of my subordinates who remained have been given the same position as me. … Continue reading →

No adequate system in staffing

I work for a technical institution in governmental sector. I have 10 years of work experience and I regularly perform job functions that go beyond the scope of my original job description, but I believe that my institution has no … Continue reading →

I have been making errors

I have been on a job for six months now. The truth is that, I have been making some errors on the job along the way, and now my boss doesn’t see fit to trust me with tasks to do. … Continue reading →

Tried many career paths

Thanks for your emails and sharing the info and problems that people face. I also face a problem. I graduated from the English language department in the Education Faculty of my University. I also studied a six months’ course of … Continue reading →

A branch new manager

I work with an organization that deals with inflight catering, we are the biggest inflight catering company in my country. Since I was moved from our head office to our branch office with one of my superior, he has chosen … Continue reading →

Gender discrimination at work

I’m a beaurocrat , and I am efficient in my work place. But male colleagues always ignore me, or try to hide the real situation or doing my work without my concern. They do not give recognition of my work. … Continue reading →