Should he resign?


Thanks for your good mail received today. I am also facing some problems in my Job. I am well established in my Job and work in a streamlined way to cover my work and responsibilities but my seniors think that … Continue reading →

Wants to take a degree


Thanks for your mails, kindly assist on this. I would like to pursue a degree course but I have a lot of challenges – financial, time, job security and choice. What kind of advice would you give me? Your advice … Continue reading →

Start his own business

I have always dreamt of starting and running my own business one day and I believe the way to do that is to get a job in a management position in one of the best businesses in the country, and … Continue reading →

Intervene between two people

How can I solve a problem between my boss and a staff member who do not speak to each other? Is it your problem to solve? I dare say their refusal to talk can make the situation tricky and the … Continue reading →

Confused about career direction


Thank you for the opportunity to discuss my problems. Im not sure how best to sell myself on my CV to allow companies to which I apply to appreciate the benefits they can derive if they hire me. I studied … Continue reading →