Do you manage by regulation?

To what extent should your management decisions be governed by rules and regulations? Recruiters look for managers who know when to apply the rules and when to be a little more creative in their decision making. They want people who … Continue reading →

Should you have a mentor?

It is well recognised that mentoring is a very helpful service to those who are mentees, but it can be beneficial to both parties. Some governments, including the UK, run Mentoring schemes, often allied to loans made to new or … Continue reading →

What can Fast Track your Sales?

The London Sunday Times publishes an annual table of Britain’s private companies with the fastest growing sales. Virgin is the title sponsor of the Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100, other main sponsors are Barclays BDO and Business Growth Fund. … Continue reading →

Career winding down

In this world of extended life expectancies and unreliable pensions and money markets, most of us will need to go on working later than we had perhaps planned. Maybe your pension is not looking as good as you hoped, due … Continue reading →

Interview follow up

So the interview went well, (you think!) but what happens now. How long will it be till you hear? How many candidates did they interview? How did you perform against the others? Can you influence the outcome now? Knowing how … Continue reading →

Cover letter tips

1. First of all ensure your CV is up to date, without spelling and grammatical errors. 2. Write a proper cover letter. ”Dear Sir, here is my application “is not a cover letter. Take a few minutes to tailor a … Continue reading →