Change Your LinkedIn Summary — 81 Comments

  1. Thanks for the lesson. The recruiter for the job is more interested to scroll down the page to read what are the accomplished works or duties performed in the past.The recruiter is will get interest for credible jobs.

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  3. It’s really great and encouraging lesson,my first priority is to consider it.

  4. Thanks so much for the tutorial. It has allowed me to review my CV and consider consider revising it.

  5. Thank you very much for the advice, it’s very important point to consider and correct.

  6. Thank you very much. It was very important lesson. I am looking forward to receiving more lessons.

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  8. Your advise on how to attract recruiters speaks for itself; I so appreciate.
    But my case is that I graduated as an Estate Surveyor / Valuer, worked briefly with my Certificate as an Estate Officer / Manager, Property Services Executive in about three different firms, but within a time span of two years.
    Now, I have been in the Security field for about seven years up till current; Please, advise and provide me with a CV format that can adequately sell me to a good Estate or Property firm, as I earnestly wish I could retrace my steps back to the Property Industry / field where my joy will be full.
    Please, render me this great help.
    God bless you.