You should have all you need now to write a fabulous, effective CV, and move on to our Job Search and Interview Preparation Courses.

But first here are some cover letter tips for you;-

5 Tips to Get Your Cover Letter Read.

Most people use a generic cover letter which fails to get the recruiters attention.

You need to make your application stand out with an engaging cover letter that gives a glimpse of your personality. And of course each cover letter must be tailored for the role .

This is a sales document so should follow the standard AIDA rule;-

Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

  1. Mention a family member who works there if you can. As long as they are a good employee, most recruiters will at least interview you if this is the case.
  2. Mention a personal connection with the recruiter, a friend in common, an employee. Say they have recommended the company or person to you.
  3. Say why you want to work for the company. Look at their website for ideas.
  4. Briefly mention why this role is perfect for you.” Since I started school / used the company / product I always wanted to …..” Keep it brief, interesting and relevant.
  5. Sell yourself. Say why you are perfect for them. Use your value proposition, illustrate that you have the skills and competencies they have specified for the role.


These Check Lists Will Help You Use This Training

Download this checklist and make your CV the best it can be.

The CV 10 Point Checklist


Download a copy of the sample CV used in the course,

Sample CV


Download this checklist and make your Interviews a success.

The Interview 10 Point Checklist


Download this checklist, complete the form as you follow the course and make your Job Search effective.

The Job Search 10 Point Checklist


Following these 5 tips should ensure your cover letter is read, your CV stays in the “in “pile, and improve your chances of being called for interview.

We will be keeping the site updated with the latest guidance and techniques. And if you have found us useful-please tell your Family and Friends!

And before you go, download our FREE CV Checklist with 10 CV points to check before you make an application, and a handy action notes column. Download it and print it now.

And then have a look at our CV example, and download and print that to check against yours.

Look out for our daily posts and our bite size tips, and see you on our Job Search and Interview Preparation Courses.


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