What is a career?

Everyone’s career is unique. We all experience different learning, different job roles and positions, encounter different situations and problems, achieve different successes, and work with different clients. Anyone engaged in work related activities is pursuing a career. In today’s world … Continue reading →

The contemporary worker

The world of work has changed significantly since the 1980’s. It is no longer realistic to expect a job for life, or a career in one organisation, nurtured by human resources staff, working your way up the organisation until you … Continue reading →

Career management model

Why do you need a career management plan? Well if you don’t at least attempt to control the direction that life takes, it could take you anywhere!! “Failing to plan is planning to fail “is a quote attributed to both … Continue reading →

Career management process

Let us consider how to collect information about yourself and your work environment. Your objective is to;- Collect, organise and interpret Data about your Values, interests, personality, ability, lifestyle preferences, and leisure interests. Values might include; Sense of achievement, stimulation, job security, … Continue reading →