Do I need to be a graduate? — 76 Comments

  1. Thanks a lot, that’s how I started working for my company, until they employed me, now am a manager in my own country.

  2. Thanks alot for your effort all the times. It is very important lesson which I believed many would benefit. I’m appreciated.

  3. Hmmm,Na country be this? We have been encouraged day in and out to do professional programs, now that d focus is on degree issues,will one survive? Na waoo oooooh

  4. thank you for this love you have for humanity. the comments have specifically helped me value my degree. now i can refine my attributes to further suit my job as i look forward to be employed by another organization. be blessed.

  5. A very good me needed or not nowadays skills are preferred i graduated already..but today even your a graduate but attitude is not good,behaviour,humbleness,kindness,and the good attitude you must have coz if your a bad person you cant attain success even if your a graduate…
    Twas a very uplifting lessons..thank you very much

  6. Thank you for the lessions you have been sending me. I am also doing my diploma in Human Resource Management. Can you send me some lessions or notes on Human Resource Management?
    Patiently awaits your respond.
    Thank you.

  7. Am a school certificate holder each time I go out for job hunt all I get is a graduate job please how can I go about becoming a graduate so as to make myself available for such jobs?please help me achieve it.

  8. i need to follow up MBA with scholarship.please help me to do that,


  9. To become graduate is very important like it is said our God given minded has no limited so what we need to do is learn and learn more bcs education does not have limit. You have to always make your self a student just so that you will have more. That’s why being a teacher becomes very important, I actually wanted to be a teacher by profession but due to secumstances I found my self in withdrawn me back. But is not too late, one can always go back to your world of profession. We should all embrace this programs very well and introduce this to all societies thus we should not be shellfish and greedy. Love thy neighbor like your self is the way forward. Thank you.

    • Abdul! I wanted to go for Architecture, but since we didn’t have school of architecture, my guardians have had been forcing me to go for teaching but I had been ignoring it. I decided to further in a different field of study.

  10. its great being in the page, thanks a lot.continued skill development is much better.

  11. it’s good for some one to developt his/her skills knowledged to promote certian organization\society.

  12. One needs to be a graduant so that you apply your mind,heart and soul towards that activity having taken cognizance of your experience,skills,attitudes and knowledges,thus well equipped and weaponed with relevant and related tools for you to perform your work with efficiency and effectively,henceforth to do the right things or things right and to do better,thus one thing at the time.