Graduates 2If you consider twins who have been at school together and even took the same degree at the same university, they would have had slightly different life experiences at that point and would bring slightly differing skills and experiences to an employer.

Once they enter the world of work, experiences diverge further .There are different clients to work with, different staff to manage, different managers to report to, different products to work with , different problems encountered and overcome, different marketing campaigns to plan and execute.

So everyone’s career is unique because it is made up of many components. Their education, life experience, talents, and work experience, as well as their skills, knowledge and personality.

Career advice for teenagers

So how can you plan? The best advice I can give you is to get the best education you can. Study subjects that interest you. Keep as many doors open as possible.

This means keeping your options wide open. Don’t specialise too early. Try to learn a little about as many subjects as you can.

What if Albert Einstein had never studied theoretical physics? We would not have his famous theory of relativity, and quantum theory might never have been developed – maybe we would not have space travel.

Or if Sir Alexander Fleming, who discovered penicillin, had never become a pharmacologist? Medicine would be completely different. Many people’s lives would not have been saved by penicillin.

Or if John Lennon and Paul McCartney had never learnt to play the guitar? The rich and diverse world of music we enjoy would just not be the same.

So try as many things as you can, leisure activities as well as educational. Join in at sports, learn a musical instrument, go ice-skating and swimming, take up golf –perhaps you will find a career in leisure?

What about politics and current affairs –do they interest you –maybe you are a future Prime minister or news reporter?

And take your education seriously too .Qualifications can open doors for you, and lack of qualifications can mean some doors remain closed.

For example many large corporations have graduate entry schemes, and these are the best route to management. We will look at that in more detail later.

But not everyone is academic, and some of us are destined to work in other sectors, perhaps the caring sector, or leisure. So be realistic, assess your academic ability with career advisors, family and teachers. Go as far as you can with education, but when you are no longer enjoying your studies, perhaps it is time to look for something else.

Lifetime learning is a well-accepted principle now, and you can always come back to studying later. Bear in mind though that “later” you may have family and responsibilities that will make returning to study a challenge economically .That’s why it is best to go as far as you can in your youth when you don’t have any other responsibilities.


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  1. This is very true people can hold similar papers but somewhere their skills vary! Learning also becomes hard when you have so many things to take care of pin studying session. Your doing a great job of sharpening many of us, keep it up our tutor, I appreciate this work

  2. Thanks a lot. This is very true, i have seen it happening in so many places and at one point it also applied to me as well

  3. Very true, I am a living witness said this because I am finding it economically difficult managing my family responsibilities and my education.

  4. Yap …education is a key to successful. We need to study further. Point taken! Great work!
    Kasekende Ronald

  5. Thanks for always sending me lessons and Career advices. They are really helping me especially now that I’m an intern at APM Terminals Liberia Ltd. I’m working so har here trying to build a career and secure a job here in the Commercial department.


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  7. Well as I go through life I realize that most people think that without subject we can’t reach anywhere in life don’t g wet me wrong it is important but guess what I think that Mathematics is important and English but I think they go too f are with it with all those thing they put u through when more simple they teach u things the hardest way they go around too much corner when it could be more Easy because of t hat I don’t like it I know I can do my busy and be successful but every day I wish to learn something new I won’t give up on till my dream come through

  8. am mahamat moustapha really happy to learn these course that can help me and increase my knowledge. corcern what am about to do .: water treatment opeator ,waste management technician sewage treatment plant , incineator pennram and municipal operator etc…

  9. “Try to learn a little about as many subjects as you can”.
    I really like this line. Its growing my faith to be true to my view.
    But some says to learn few subjects intensively is better than as little from many.

  10. thanks alot for the advice i taught reading lots of books in different sector wont help me but realized just recent that i have ideas in many fields

  11. Any Appreciate and lovely article I’m so grad to hear from carrier which is very unique and grateful teaching. I am so happy it will help me as I was wasting my time not to upgrading my school result without thinking my future career after some years to come.

    • Education is very important it will guide you true every step you take but it doesnt mean it all. Career is all about having a vision to explore and excell then continue making it possible for people to achieve what their God given talent are. I appreciate this programs which you have install for us to follow and guide us trough our daily doings. I’m short of words we can’t pay you back for the unic job you have done to the society. Be blessed abbanduntly thank you.

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