Everyone’s career is unique — 81 Comments

  1. It has always been my dream and desire to study as far as i can, to collect as many papers as i can. That’s why after my degree, i still went for more two diploma and i am hunting for more. Education is the key, you can never know what will happen if you do not have diversity in papers.

    Good information, Thanks.

  2. This lesson is very good to me and i will work harder to complete my studies.

  3. This Lesson is very interested in my life, i do pray God to give me what i wanted to be in my studies.thanks for the Lesson my Teacher.

  4. A rich and enterprising lesson, but its totally mystifying that out here in our country, even with the rich environments that would have helped people in exploring their world have all been messed up by the so called elite class. Your ability to succeed these days in Nigeria depends on whom you are having up there. Anyway we wount be deterred by it we just need to keep pushing hard until when the breakthrough will come. Regards

  5. Education is foundation to a unique career, the best advice i can’t forgot about. Thank you very much for this unique career training.

  6. Your teaching is very okay, but our problem in sahara Africa. is lack of support, the worst part is every thing is politicize, you cannot show case your God gifted talent except you have someone on govt. for e.g my brother is a good footballer but due to financial problem people that he is better off were selected. so I will like you to lay emphasis more on way out of this challenges which we face. thanks

    • It’s not only in ur country, it’s everywhere that’s why the rich gets richer and the poor poorer, but you have to find a way around it, it’s the system of the world

  7. …just rekindled my passion for more ambitions in life. No time is late to start a new thing for a better self and future. Thanks a lot.