Graduates 5So whatever your initial route into your first job, you are there and you want to develop your career. How do you do that?

First of all, formalise your career goals. Visit these two posts which will take you through the process of career appraisal and exploration
Career management model
Career management process

Be above reproach

Then make sure you do the job to the best of your ability. Perform above target, meet deadlines, and take extra work and responsibility. Be above reproach

Look out for better ways of working, new opportunities for the business, new developments that will influence how you work. Communicate these to the appropriate person in your department, usually your manager. Establish a reputation as someone who has their finger on the pulse.

Develop a high profile

ContributorRepresent your department, volunteer, organise the seasonal party. Get your name known and your profile high .Become an authority on something work related, join the quiz team .Get involved and be a contributor. Read this post for more information on this topic

Make your ambitions known

I once worked in a Merchandising department for a large retailer, but what I really wanted was a promotion to the Buying Office. So I watched and waited, literally years, for an opportunity to come up in the Buying Office. Eventually a position for a trainee Buyer was advertised and I, along with many others, applied for it.

I got the position, and the head of the Buying Office said to me “Why didn’t you say you were interested in working with us? We wanted you in our department but you never expressed an interest. I don’t like to poach staff from other departments, but if I had known you were interested I would have made a place for you”.

I’m not saying you can wander about demanding any job you want, but it is worth having a quiet word sometimes and making your preferences known. At the very least you may get some useful advice and information. At best you may get a mentor who will help you achieve your ambitions.

So make it known that you are ambitious, you are capable, and you are willing to work hard. You are seeking promotion and you are willing to move to another area if there is a promotion available.


You will need to consider whether you are prepared to move to further your career, especially if you are working for a company with several locations. There are many factors to take into account such as current or future family responsibilities.

Will you be asked to move again in a few years? What if it doesn’t work out? What about your spouse or partner’s work? Children’s schools? Then there is your social life to consider.

Maybe you should commute weekly, leave the family where they are? What would be the costs? Rent, or hotel bills, petrol or train fares? Will the company pay or contribute?

What about accommodation? Will the company provide that? If you are renting or buying will costs be similar to your current costs? What if your house doesn’t sell?

Relocation costs need to be considered. Will the company pay all bills, or part of it?

If you decide to commute will they pay your travelling costs in lieu of relocation costs?

Career advice online

There are many good websites that provide career advice online. You can take personality and aptitude tests, and read information about specific careers.

USA Public service sites

The Occupational Outlook Handbook, which is updated every year by the U.S. Department of Labor, provides a detailed look at every type of career. It includes information on the type of the work, training, qualifications needed, job outlook and earnings. There are several other public service sites in the USA with resources to help you identify available careers, including:



Other useful sites


Glassdoor is a transparent career community changing the way people find jobs, and companies recruit talent. Glassdoor holds a growing database of 6 million reviews, CEO approval ratings, salary reports, with the information shared by employees. For employers, Glassdoor offers recruiting and employer branding solutions.


Searches job sites, newspapers, associations and company career pages.

What is a career

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Developing your career — 35 Comments

  1. The training has been not only an eye opener but also a brain moulder to me.However,through the training i can now stand tall and plan for anything to avoid adhoc decisions.

  2. I really want to follow all your lésions bécasse i réalisé thaï it is si important to me.But i don t have connection everyday.thank so much for your help

  3. Thanks so much for the training. It is becoming more interesting. well, I am already working with a company here in my county Liberia.I would like learn more of this course and upgrade myself in my career and CV/ Resume writing.
    Thanks once more.

  4. I graduated in Social Worker Degree from University. I interesting to join my trainers job, i have seven years of training experience

  5. every thing is interesting to learn especially for me living in very remote rular area, of course there is problem in join to you and lack of technology.
    Any how it is good job for awaring people living in the Afirican gunge.

  6. Will i be issued with a certificate after completing this?

    How long does this online course take?



  7. من درست انگلیس نوشته نمیتوانم بدون تحصیل خیلی از شغل هارا انجام دادم البته درچوکات نظام ولی هنوز به انچه دوست دارم نمی رسم انگار دراین جامعه همه اززندگی خویش محروم است زیرا هرکاربخواهی بکنی همه مشورت های منفی میدهند واقعاوقت فکرمیکنم توانای زیاد دارم ولی خوب افغانستان است دیکه

    • ولی میدانم هرچند بخواهی بدست آورده میتوانی چون مردم تمام طریقه زندگی راقبل ازماچاپ نموده و میراث گزاشته به این باورم ما کمی باتجربیات آنها وابتکارجدید میتوانم بهترزندگی کنیم به شرط اینکه درست بیاموزیم تابالاترعمل کنیم اما افغانستان وبیشترکشورهای اسلامی ناکامی هایش را میندازند گردن خداوند میگه خدا نخواسته بوده اما من باید چکارکنم که منفعت به این بزرگی که درقریه خودماست به مردم بفهمانم تااستفاده کنند ازنظری خودم بهترین پلان برای پیوند بادام کوه که درسال حدود 500000افغانی رانقدمیکنند طرح کردم اما مردم باترس ازاینکه جامعه بخاطرهیزوم آن بین خود درگیرمیشوند مانعم شد نمیدانم این مردم حسادت میکنند بمن یابخود حتی کسانی درانگلستان بودن که مبلغ رابعنوان کمک میفرستاد برای تطبق این پروژه ولی این مردم زهنیتش بافقرشکل گرفته باورش نمیشه به اینکه سرمایه دارمیشه

  8. I graduated in Bsc Degree from famous University. I interesting to join my Masters program i have three years of teaching experience

    • I would like to join you to learn more on my career especially areas that I am weak, and to compare skills in your department

  9. Hello My nationality is Somali i leave in Mogadisho i have graduated in SIMAD University Department of Business Adminstration in 2013 but still i don’t have job so what do you consult me?

  10. Goodevening I give my comment in line because I am looking the foreign employement; I am a Chadianman my experience I worker as like a Warehouseman.

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