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  1. Hello am kwizera innocent a student from University of Kigali in Rwanda am doing procurement as my professional course I need ajob so that we can work together I remains one year to graduate thax

  2. Hello am kwizera innocent from Rwanda am astudent from University of Kigali am approaching to finish only one year remains am doing procurement as my professional courase I need ajob so that we can work together thax

  3. The lesson was awesome!. Thanks very much

    Although currently I’m working in the public corporation as a Estate officer but for sure the lesson has added values towards searchig for senior level position.

    Kind with Regards

    • I have completed my +2 In science,bachelor is in education science nowadays I am student of sanothimi campus of Med biology first semester. I have 3 years teaching experience.

  4. name shokrullah from nangarhar provience studied at nangarhar university faculty of Agriculture departement of Agriculture economic and extension and also join in more programe of Agriculture project and resarch and ability in computer programe microsoft office and internete programe and also part time job as teachare in nglish course speaks Dary .pashto and english i needs for job i forward to your call…
    Best regurd
    shokrullah faheemi

  5. I am a MechanicalEngineer . And fresh engineering not a experience i want a job in which I learned more information of oil and gass projects I want experience in oil and gas field

  6. Wow wow wow, I enjoyed this lesson so much, anyway thanks very much, may the Almighty Allah grant you what so ever you are in need of in this world and the hereafter.

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