How do you plan your career? — 90 Comments

  1. Really am enjoyed alot Thax what is another way how Ican communicate with you without using lesson cz you did wonderful things to my life

  2. The lessons are very useful and will save me a lot of trouble in managing my career and business in this constantly changing world. These lessons are tools for life.I would like to work with you in extending these services to my country Zambia thank you very much. Steve

  3. Wow, this is interesting. It taught me more insight of even having more than one career. Thanks a lot.

  4. I am one who try to find the right path that can enter to my destiny,Thus i always spent my time and energy for finding it.hence please u help me to share my mission accomplishment….Regard Shoukat Riaz

  5. Wonderful, this lesson can create a positive change of poor mindset which in most cases fails and kills us in life. plz go ahead, God blz U.

  6. The wise person always adheres to every important message through practical experience I had been serving as a TA and at the same time as Custom police Officer therefore, this lesson really gives me more courage and confidence in planing the future.
    thank and God bless you with more fruits

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