How do you plan your career? — 89 Comments

  1. I am one who try to find the right path that can enter to my destiny,Thus i always spent my time and energy for finding it.hence please u help me to share my mission accomplishment….

  2. Hi, i subscribed your website since a long time ago, but never get the opportunity to read the knowledge and experience being shared through your lectures. Its r seally

  3. Madam,
    I have been getting a series of lessons for a while now.
    I want to thank you so much for the practicalities of your lessons.
    Particularly this one, I just agree with you…
    Studied chemistry… working efficiently as a social worker!!

  4. This is a wonderfull adivise for me.Now I am inspiring to bring great change in my acadamic career life. Thank you for your contribution.keep it up!!!

  5. Noted; training in different fields is good. Therefore, diversification of careers..

    • Initially I was not interested in this lecture but as time goes on. I ask myself why not go through this my greatest surprise I find it very very interested

  6. Thank you so much, you are so right when you said “there’s nothing to say i can’t have several completely different careers” I totally agree with you on that. I am a nurse practicing in my country, but i need more streams of income i found this lecture of yours very helpful. I would like to further study and practice in Canada, and any help or ideas from you on how to go about it would be welcomed.

  7. this is really a strong stuff to build upon,thanks so much for the engine

  8. Planning a career is most determined by your financial strength and the environment you stay in.i have ideas on what I like to do but getting the financial support has remained a problem.

  9. I take this opportunity thanking you for the great information for our career. I’m a nurse by profession working in an African country. I have 20 years experience looking for a job. Hoping to hear from you soon.

  10. Can you given me opportunity I can grow self I know life is nothing
    Natural is the big power

  11. First of all I thank the powerful knowledge on this course, I’ve learned a lot from course which really awake me up I do appreciate, more over I’m an electrical engineer with first degree but I’m finding it very difficult in Africa to get the appropriate job so I need your help thank you,

  12. Thank You, Me I’ve Finished Electronic Section With A2 Degree. I Need To Continue The University If It Will Be Possible.

  13. I found the lesson on changing career interesting.In practice, l end up doing something that my dad took me through.I spoke about this career when we were asked by one lecture what our future goals were? There is power in the tongue.I can confidently say i have good competencies and skills in hospitality industry,Agric,construction,Education(teaching)and business.I am trying to back two of them with academic papers/certificates.
    What do you suggest.

  14. I so much love this lesson, it is good for youths to take challenges of their lives from here for phrase I quote from the lesson ” I can’t” is a great limitation. you will in what ever discipline found your self except you have no determination. I studied agricultural education but I now work as m&e officer in an NGO