How to Communicate EffectivelyThe ABC

A  Assert
B  Build
C  Challenge constructively

How to communicate – Follow this simple ABC

A Assert –make your views known even if they may be controversial.

Be open in your views; make sure people know where you stand.

State your views explicitly and concisely

“I think X is important because … “
“I think that is risky because …”

Be open about feelings

“I feel disappointed because ….“
“I’m really excited about that because… “

Suggest something

“What if we …. “
“Ok, that will work, maybe as a follow up we could….”

B Build- show you have listened and are contributing.

Summarise what has been said so far, then add to it.

Ask a question

“So what we need is ….. How can we make that happen?”

Provide information

“We need to sell X to break even “
“Y are offering something similar “

Show enthusiasm

“So your proposal is …….. I think that’s a great idea!”
“I really like that “

C – Challenge constructively

Select a point and ask for clarification and expansion.

“Why?” “What?”

Ask a question that allows the proposer to expand their views

“How do you think we could achieve that? “
“Why do you believe that will solve the problem? “

Ask a searching question that looks for more detail

“What will be the benefits and risks associated with that? “
“What do you anticipate the timescale will be?”

Broaden the discussion

“What are the alternatives if we don’t run with this “
“Has anyone done this successfully? “

A Assert
B Build
C Challenge constructively


How to Communicate Effectively — 95 Comments

  1. Firstly thanks for guidance!
    I have some problems with the team I work with!
    W normally use to work as group and when our supervisor assigns us to some tasks they always use to accept without rising any views about the difficulties while I suggest the difficulties that might on our way, however, when we begin to perform the tasks they firstly show weakness and contradict what they have accepted to do and things end up outperformed in conclusion we blame one on other
    Hope you give me solution on how to manage such!

    • I like today lesson i need to have more if possible

      I like it and something applicable in my daily activities conversation

      and on meeting presentation and participation.

  2. interesting lesson ,wish to be brief also on interpersonal skills as well since this goes with the com skills

  3. dear madam/ sir
    i am working as a GM design and production in leading firm, how can i command the labor and others. am designer of domistic furniture and interiors, labor strenght is 200 persons. i need help from you

    • As GM of a leading firm/company, you have subordinate officials, who are under your control. Ensure their responsibilities and compliance with their job descriptions. This may be discussed in a regular daily /weekly coordination meetings and take measures for improvement if required.

  4. Tihe ABC Analysis of communication is well explicit and it has been with me for quite some times now.I appreciate you very much.

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