How to Communicate EffectivelyThe ABC

A  Assert
B  Build
C  Challenge constructively

How to communicate – Follow this simple ABC

A Assert –make your views known even if they may be controversial.

Be open in your views; make sure people know where you stand.

State your views explicitly and concisely

“I think X is important because … “
“I think that is risky because …”

Be open about feelings

“I feel disappointed because ….“
“I’m really excited about that because… “

Suggest something

“What if we …. “
“Ok, that will work, maybe as a follow up we could….”

B Build- show you have listened and are contributing.

Summarise what has been said so far, then add to it.

Ask a question

“So what we need is ….. How can we make that happen?”

Provide information

“We need to sell X to break even “
“Y are offering something similar “

Show enthusiasm

“So your proposal is …….. I think that’s a great idea!”
“I really like that “

C – Challenge constructively

Select a point and ask for clarification and expansion.

“Why?” “What?”

Ask a question that allows the proposer to expand their views

“How do you think we could achieve that? “
“Why do you believe that will solve the problem? “

Ask a searching question that looks for more detail

“What will be the benefits and risks associated with that? “
“What do you anticipate the timescale will be?”

Broaden the discussion

“What are the alternatives if we don’t run with this “
“Has anyone done this successfully? “

A Assert
B Build
C Challenge constructively


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  1. I’m so glad for the information provided on effective communication. My written communication is good but unfortunately, I like basic verbal communication skills due to fear of being laughed at. I will appreciate more articles on communicating effectively.

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