How to deal with a situation at work — 7 Comments

  1. Do not consider this situation like a problem. In some organizations the rule for new employees is to be transferred from one service to an other until he/she is initiated to work in all the component of the organization. The advantage of this practice is to give to the employee the opportunity to have the experience of working with different individuals and allow the management to measure his performance in the different components and fially put him in the best place. In conclusion, considère this situation as an opportunity for you to show your performances.

  2. Thanks for your question you brought to the readers. i am aware on how to deal with this awkward situation and it is a lesson learnt

  3. The manager utilize the potential one have and ensure he or she trains someone and fire 🔥 the person off.incase the employee gets sick the manager doesn’t make a follow up 👆….how such situation should be handled???

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