How to get into the Accountancy Profession — 21 Comments

  1. Another accounting body in Nigeria is Association of National Accountant of Nigeria (ANAN) which has a training arm called Nigeria College of Accountancy. Enrolling in this school will privilege students to become chartered or certified accountant. It is a recognised Body that has registered with IFACs and also the only body that has a professional training school to groom students in a professional way in the science of Accountancy. Please if any one is willing to excel in Accountancy go and enroll for the betterment of your future. I am already a student. They run both full time and part time which they call Mature Professionals.

  2. Iam a ugandan doing a CPA course at the moment. Can I pursue a masters degree after that or is it a must I should have a bachelor’s degree? Thank you

    • Yes;Because the accounting profession is interesting field of profession which every body can learn from the simple Book keeping text and every body can not run his business without the lesson.

    • Ofcourse it is, You will most probably start from the final level of Atswa that is accounting technician scheme west Africa you may visit the Ican office for further details.

  3. Iam a Liberian and living in Liberia,the job search situation in my country is a difficult matter.Because of economic situation,in this matter what you think I can do in other to help my self out.

  4. it is well and great for any accounting department workers to specialize in their area of profession, by working in a position that match with the educational attainment.

    thank you very much!!!!!!

  5. my Name Abdulahi i’m young boy who graduated Bachelor degree of Business Administration i need to continue my master degree but my income is not enough so I needed help to cross forward…..

  6. Hello not all accountants all over the world are qualified accountants. Accountancy exams are expensive and not all candidates can pass the final exams they are extremely competitive. Having a good knowledge of accountancy can help you work as an accounts clerk or help you run your personal business.
    We have street accountants, office accountants,consultants, auditors, forensic auditors. Only fully qualified accountants are allowed to operate/run auditing firms.

    For one to become a fully qualified accountant you must pass three levels of the examining bodies. CPA (USA) Institute of Certified Chartered Accountants UK And Wales etc.

    Interested candidates can google and get details of the academic requirements
    Those who do not qualify can register for the lower accountants technicians course which is cheaper and whose examinations are even easier to pass.

    After passing the accountancy technician’s the candidate/students will then proceed the exams leading to certification course in accountancy.

    Wish all aspiring accountants luck.

  7. Hello,
    My name is David K. Davis, Sr., a business student studying at the University of Liberia; I am very eager to learn and build my capacity in financial management trough accounting. I which we could start immediately to forfeit my dream in the business world.

  8. I am a youngest boy from Ethiopia and i have aa bachelor degree of computer science. I need to learn master program in the same field but my income did not enough do so.If get good salary i will do it both my work and my education

  9. Iam a young boy from Tanzania educational background I having a bachelor degree of education and management now Iam a graduate but l considering in entrepreneur ship activities in making shoes how can you help me?

  10. The accountancy profession will get from, studying accounting coerces, finance and auditing in college and universities,training with professional certification like Association of Certified Chartered Accountant and in industry through employment and professional practice. Accountancy is a cross border professional practice that every accountants working all over the world are governed by and exercising the same principle as long as the documentation of financial source documents specially for tax purpose might be have the slight variation from one country to an other but almost similar.

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