“To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work.”
Sister Mary Lauretta
The” gatekeeper” is the person employed to deflect unwanted approaches to the manager you are trying to get to. Their job is to filter out and deal with as many issues as they can, freeing up their superior to deal with the crucial issues only they can handle. And to make sure they get on home on time occasionally!

It has been said that you already know the person who will help you get your next position.
Can one of your contacts get you to the gatekeeper, rather than to their manager?
So you need to consider the gatekeeper reading your CV and cover letter –they are between you and hiring managers. You need to persuade them that it is worth them spending their time forming a professional relationship with you, with an eye to hiring you. Your CV and cover letters should be the first step in this process.

So you need to find the hidden job – that role which has not yet been approved or advertised. This approach, if undertaken well, will show prospective employers that you have sales skills and that you are able to use your initiative. You need to find a real, live person inside the company to talk to.

So try to develop a professional relationship with gatekeepers. Introduce yourself, ask if this is a good time for them or can you call at a more appropriate time, explain what you can offer the organization, and then keep in touch without being pushy. Can you email them your cv in case something suitable comes up?

This applies to more than just sales jobs. Knowing how to sell yourself, and manage professional relationships is an invaluable asset in any job.

Often, it really is about who you know as much as what you know, so actively set out to meet people who can provide a positive influence on your career. This kind of networking is what will get your CV to the top of the pile.

Networking often delivers those opportunities that have not yet been advertised so ask your relatives, friends and business contacts who they know and who might be able to advise you, direct you towards an opening or have an opportunity for you.

You might even meet someone, or already know someone, who can talk to the gatekeeper and recommend you for a particular role in the company.

Use your network, including a company search on LinkedIn, and make a phone call to someone who may ask someone to look at your CV.

Using social networks like LinkedIn is great. They can help you to find the appropriate people to talk to. You can also set up your own profile on these sites to demonstrate how you can add value to a particular company.

Remember that networking is not just about you; it’s about what you can do for other people, and in turn they will quite often return the favour in one way or another.

Find an internal champion

With an internal champion, your CV has a chance, but without an internal champion, even the best CV is one out of many, and the chances of success are reduced. By using your initiative and being proactive your CV could rise to the top of the pile.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve already got the job, but a recommendation from a highly respected person who’s worked in a company and within a senior position for years is like gold dust.

We all need our own brand champions, people that can talk about why we as individuals can add value to an organisation or a particular role. So don’t forget to ask these people to refer you to an employer who might just need your skills.

Remember an excellent CV and cover letter will often help you get past the gatekeepers to interview stage, but you might need to go further.

Provide your contacts with good material to showcase you – a website, a strong, tailored CV, a good covering letter. Provide hard copies and electronic copies.
For example, you might like to think about creating a website that explains who you are, what you like to do in your spare time, as well as your professional ambitions and skills.

This can be used to complement your CV, allowing employers to gain further insight into you as a person, enabling them to find out if you are really someone they would like to hire.


How to get past the “Gatekeeper” — 33 Comments

  1. Thankyu very much for this lecture, you are doing a great job, it has taken me long time still searching for a job, as a driver/ mechanics, and i will not stop searching, because one-day i will find, and im looking to your help, danny a zambian, thankyu.

  2. Thanks for the educative information. I am really learning alot through these lessons. Can you please send me a sample CV.

  3. I just feel that I am blessed to join others around our global villege today to learn about getting pass of the getkeeper inorder for my cv and letter to reach the rightful person.
    Please give me an idea as to how can one manage a succssful project and what are those necessary means of getting a projects / project from government or NGOs?

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  5. Am very much happy on the informations. Pls i need information on agriculture. Job on agriculture, the most flourish business in agriculture and how to start. Thanks

  6. Great! My style of seeking for a
    Job is better noe osince I have started studying these courses on
    Career uses.
    I leatned that dispite of crafting an excellent CV, one
    Needs to have an advocate within
    The employ of the institution.
    The gate keeper must be
    Convenced. Emails and phone calls .are added advantages.
    In Liberia,we believe “who knows you”. In the bible there is” I
    don’t know you”.This statement
    Will come to pass during
    Judgment day by Jesus Christ

  7. Hi My name is salma my age i like work in gatekeeper and my country somali.
    thank you very much and I have got good tasks plz send me a sample of CV of laboratory technian

  8. hello my name is Melese Bekele from Ethion. thank you very about your information. I have diploma in plant science. please send me a sample of CV. I am waiting to hear from you smooth feed back. MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

  9. Thanks for the brilliant tips. I have now realised the roles of a gatekeeper and will formulate robust strategies of winning. Much appreciated.

  10. I am in need of a well-paid job anywhere around the world.

    BACKGROUND: BSc. Secondary Education (emphasis in Language Arts and minor in Sociology); 20 years experience in teaching profession and 10 years experience in school / social-work administrative positions with 5 years secretarial job experience and computer knowledge.

    Please help connect me to a job matching my experience and email me, sir.

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