How to network effectively — 47 Comments

  1. I once learnt from Sam Dede a veteran Nollywood actor that the strength of a broom stick depends on it’s number.

    I have learnt so much from this article. Please keep them coming. I think I have to pay a greater and closer attention to your subsequent articles.

    I am grateful. Thank you.

  2. i have been doing these things for some time now and people take me for granted. they take my ideas and make it look like the are theirs to management and get all credit. i just dont want to network any more.

  3. thanks very much for the new networking initiative which can enable large number of unemployed youth to divert to business via the guidelines stipulated.

  4. thank you very much for your comprehensive, constructive and effective networking approaches, which will be a baseline or milestone of creating a new business initiative and diverting of being employee for the government for the last couple of years.

  5. Thank you very much for this so much educative lesson. Honestly, I want to confess that I find this lesson so much useful especially when am trying to develop a proposal for my community. surely this document will serve as a guiding tool in this direction. I would also be grateful if you would kindly forward me some more guiding tips on networking skills for community proposal development.

  6. This is a great place to spend your time. Anytime you spend on this link is helpful and educative. Thank you guys so much for sharing this great tip.

  7. i would like to make of use this website www, get lessons that would help me to know about writting CV,and Resume,as well as how to network effectively. thanks alot

  8. Dear sir /Madam

    her by applying to side so i have problem with language reading especially some grammatically wards like verb and adjective , popular ( i mean when you want to write the Report .

  9. I have just opened up my shop for inner garments,and I have just learnt that It will only be successful through building relationships and networking… Awesome, I am impressed by these educative and informative series you always send me! Bravo!!


  10. I am from the old School with lots of experiences across sectors, but since I started on your series, my horizon has been greatly expanded and enriched. I keep on sharing with my kids who are now pursuing their Careers. Keep up the good job. You are helping many.

  11. Frankly speaking I must admit that you are adding great ideas to our memory.Keep it up and thank you very much.

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