How to Plan an e-marketing campaignIf you are not generating leads through online marketing, it is an area you need to investigate, if you are already then “well done”, perhaps this article can help you become even more successful at this.

60% of Small Business Owners say that lead generation is their biggest challenge. If you’re doing fine then again, congratulations. But almost everyone needs to get better at lead generation.

There is a lot written on the subject of lead generation, so if you want to know more you will find plenty of information online, but this is the basic plan for a campaign to attract and convert more leads.

Generate e- Leads and Convert Them into Sales.

1. Plan a series of products you want to offer your clients.

2. Marketing to a narrow band of people is more effective than trying to produce a “catch –all “campaign, which is likely to miss all its targets by not being focused enough. So select one target market, and one product or service to promote in this campaign, that meets a need of the target group you have selected.

3. Make a short video to put on your website, YouTube, and email to your client list. Add value to the product and engage your potential client emotionally by giving away some free information, or teaching something your target market wants to learn, or solving a common problem they may have, such as how to run an e-marketing campaign.

4.  At the end of your video offer something free in exchange for your readers name and email address. Perhaps offer a free webinar, or some further information, or offer a discount code for the product or service you are promoting.

5. Once your lead has “opted in” for the free product or service you offered them, they are in a pattern of compliance and so are three times more likely to accept whatever you offer them next. So send them to the landing page for your product or service on your website.

6. Promote your video through YouTube and Google, and Linkedin Groups. Ask contacts to “share”.

7. As soon as your client converts into a sale, offer them the next thing, and so on

8. Follow up with those clients that didn’t agree to make a purchase.

Following these steps will improve your lead generation and should lead to sales increases.


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  1. This is beautiful I had thought about it earlier but didn’t put much effort but since it has also been included in our lessons then i see its crucial thank you. very much…..

  2. Sir, it is an informative piece, however, it is too sketchy as people like those residing in a far flung locality with far less knowledge and acumen, may not be able to grasp the message in totality. Regards

  3. YouTube is also an avenue for moneymaking. Once yoiu create your own channel on YouTube, you can keeping uploading videos. When advertisers discover that your channel is regularly visited for downloads, they’ll ask to advertise in between your videos, hence, you’ll be making money.

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