How to Prepare a PresentationOr Prepare an Interesting CASE

C Clarity
A Anecdotes
S Structure
E Energy

C Clarity

Define the purpose of the presentation. Who, What, When, Why, How?

Plan the points you need to make. Be concise.

Concentrate on a couple of key messages, two or three is ideal.

Consider presentation –use pictures where possible, they are very effective in getting a message across.

PowerPoint is great if used effectively- bullet points only please! Don’t use the slides as your script

A Anecdotes

Tell a story. People remember them especially if they are amusing, maybe about a mistake you have made?

Plan and practise your opening and closing. They must both be punchy, memorable, and relevant.

Use vivid words. Once you have written what you want to say, go back and switch to Power words if you can.

Use props. They will capture people’s imagination.

S Structure

The best format for people to understand and remember what you say is ;-

First, explain what you are going to say,

Then say it,

Then summarise what you have said.

This consolidates information in people’s minds.

Say your most interesting things at the beginning; this is where you have the audiences’ full attention. Explain or justify later.

Make sure your progression of ideas is logical. Don’t leave out steps that are obvious to you, they may not be obvious to your audience.

Evidence your assertions, don’t just make statements with no justification.

Keep an eye on your timings, don’t over-run, leave time for questions.

Practise. Practise Practise.

E Energy

Excitement in your material is contagious-so be excited, If you’re not, you can’t expect your audience will be.

Be aware that it is not just what you say, but also how you say it. Your voice and body language are important.

Involve the audience –be interactive. Ask questions; ask people to illustrate your points with their own examples-“has that ever happened to you?” “Does anyone know why that is?”

Be ready to answer questions and go off script for a minute or two. But get back on track quickly.

Eye contact is excellent for creating rapport with audience members.

C Clarity
A Anecdotes
S Structure
E Energy


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