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What tools will you use if you are promoted as a manager of a particular area and you just recently join the company, and you know that you will meet many people struggling for the position?


jealousy-from-co-workers-answersI have written about this problem on the site already, in this post

New to managing people?

And there are also some relevant points here

How to lead people older and senior to you

Many of these points apply, perhaps these other people are not suitably qualified for the job, in which case they should have come to terms with that.

Get everyone you can on your side, firstly by being polite and courteous to them, and listening to their opinions and suggestions. You may opt not to action whatever they say, but let them know that you are aware of their skills and experience, and together you make a great team.

But you are correct when you anticipate that they may not be best disposed to you, and perhaps will not be willing to give you their full cooperation.
Remember that you got the position because management believed you were the best candidates. Now you need to prove that is the case.

All your interpersonal skills and judgement will be called upon. Behave professionally, don’t challenge people on this, treat everyone with respect, and demonstrate your ability with the results you achieve.

But you are right to tread carefully. Be aware that there may be vindictive staff who could withhold information you need, or provide misinformation. Try to identify them, treat carefully the information they provide, keep your wits about you!!

You may need to balance all of that with stamping your authority on the role and your team.

Good luck


Jealousy from co-workers — 44 Comments

  1. Jealousy is a minor weakness that cannot be cured.Everybody has to be careful when working with your co-workers.Some show their weakness while some others hide it tightly and set traps to make his friends strength.This is how this dirty world run.

  2. You have to be friendly to them. Be faithfully and royal, behaving like this you will teach them a lesson psychologically and you will find its a better place for you to work.

  3. How to treat people who are biggest informer of the bosses but with full lies just only to have a position but same she/she is not that capable of the job

  4. Keep happy or smily face with every one
    and motivate youreself when they feel Jealousy.
    and improve yourself always be happy

  5. It is a very good question and its so easy so solve like that problems
    first: you must first observe all the workers in the area And you can start relation ship positively then, culture of the organization, as you show loyalty, to working with you, the site owner People you above your show, you have to get on top of your respect. there will be no one Intensely will work. you can also read other books which can help you on your job

    • And try hot keep on talking of your qualification, be humble, speak little and sharpened your healing capacity.
      Be you do not be in the box because of them. I was in the same situation and I tell myself:joy you are not here to make friendship but to work, some times I cried a lot and felt down until I ask myself that how long will I keep on mourning and head downed?

      Point number one was, I have to work hard and even more that the owner to recognize my efforts. I keep my things in mind and at place..

      Jealouse people know how to pretend if they did not get you out of your work by fighting you they change to pretent as friend . they are wolf in sheep skin do I tend to be very carefull.

      Throughout my humble and working hard, I been promoted in their eyes. The table has prepared before me in the presence of ny enemies.

      I asked myself,, if I cannot handle this small at present, how would I handle the bug in the future.

      God bless you

  6. Talking is a nature of a human being,where progress is there is criticism.Be focused as an intellectual hear all the say,but don’t react negatively.Where there is low performance correct the situation.As a boss your major role is to analyze work performance of each of your juniors whether with a higher paper than you,or more experienced than you,matters less, remember to be appointed something above others and potential was seen in you.Be cooperative,work as team leader,of course you will hear all manner of words but dear,focus much on your responsibilities.The more you hear all manner of words the more your performance should go up.Show a leadership heart a leader is a servant to others,but don’t be a slave they have to see authority in you.WISH YOU ALL THE BEST IN YOUR NEW LEADERSHIP STEP.I have a successful 2017.

  7. Hello, Just concentrate on your new position and don not Ignore those that joined before you or those who are in lower positions, just be cooperative to each and every one I believe everything will go a long with all the other employees!

  8. Promotion should be based on merit and as such would have been earned by the deserving candidate.
    However, there will often be some jealous and envious but that should assist the deserving candidate rise above small talks.
    Have a strategy of how you are going to execute the new role. Follow a participative type of management where all in your department participate and contribute to decision making and planning bug of course where appropriate.
    Conduct weekly of fortnigntly review meetings to dispel toxic attitudes.
    Encourage giving of feedback negative or positive and have a one-on-one kind .
    Jealousies will always be there whether at the workplace, homes, social etc. all we need to do is learn and understand how to handle it either way.

  9. Thank you very much for the explanation on this issue of Jealousy from coworkers.Here is my input: It’s obvious that we all will face this now or in the future.With this situation, you’re to play smart by not being bossy. With such attitude (bossy) you won’t get the best out of them. Information dissimilation will not be fluent and the job will be difficult. Respond not to critics but rather engage them constructively. Its possible your critics just need your attention.Remember you’re the boss so if your team fails you fail and you want the best out of them.

  10. Thank so much for your advice you share with me,I’m please with your explanation in addition to your answer human relations method with also help thank

  11. Try to understand their various behaviors and treat them carefully and respectfully.Always focus on your job and achieve result.Bring them on board when talking key decisions.Don’t forget to document everything decision and communication instructions and approved minutes of key decisions.

  12. Thankfully i congratulate all of my co-workers about their co-operation for getting my promotional new position as a short period. Try your level best you will go ahead because i am not your boss, only i am a leader.

  13. Be very practical, share reliable information at the right time, be courageous, remain hardwork and very polite as well as focus on your responsibilities. That is my take.

  14. Thanks for this publication I think addressing jealousy in workplace is almost everyday thing.The act of being smartly fragile with the people you meet in the job is very important.

    Most often,your position contenders will try to proof managemnt decision of selecting you for the post as a wrong one.The need to be “hands-on” ,yet quitly learning and occasionally sharing your views with others are strategies one most consider.

    Take more notes,appreciate their views,make follow-up,verify informations,control and consolidate responsibilties,measure efficiency and make your supervisory presence felt with modesty.

  15. There are various distinct ways of dealing with these class of people.
    Embrace their intelligence
    Involved them in decisions
    Assign duties.
    Bring them on board

    • Thank you for asking the question sir.
      There a various reasons as to why your colleagues would treat you that way, but do not let affect your performance.
      As Richard advised, beat the dateline and work smart, it wont be long before they start admiring you.
      Ask for advice and involve God through prayer and all shall work together for good.
      It could be that they do not have the desired qualifications and instead of understanding and accept they envy you.
      or they may have been in the organization for longer.
      Smartness is the ultimate breakthrough.
      Good luck!

  16. Dear Sir, thank you for asking advise
    You have to patience, always positive for other even if they are bad temper ,most people are difficult and bad behavior for other,but let it be good always and you have to pray.

  17. If you are going to attend the customer keep three things in mind…
    You must know.
    1.Level of customer.
    2. Choice of customer.
    3. Budget of customer..
    You will never fail.

  18. Try to do the work given to u very well.if the work is a practical oriented work excibite your relent and make them believe u are the best man for the position. Try to involve them in some of the work but try to do most of the work and try not to be selfish to your co works. Thank u

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  20. love them and show them that you are capable than them,there you will make their mouths close.However be careful with their psychology, by knowing them it will make you deal with the situation easly

  21. that is a very good question and its so easy so solve like that problems
    first: you must first apply for a job you know And you can go all over, as you show loyalty, to working with you, the site owner People you above your show, you have to get on top of your respect. there will be no one Intensely will work. this is my idea only

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