Download this checklist, complete the form as you follow the course and make your Job Search effective.

The Job Search 10 Point Checklist

It has been said that you probably know the person who can help you find your next job .Richard Bolles is the author of probably the best selling job-hunting book in the world “What colour is your parachute?” He says that the average person will job-hunt eight times in their life, so you may as well master the technique! He also points out that the person who gets the job is not necessarily the best person for the job, but the one who knows the most about job hunting !

“The trouble with unemployment is that the minute you wake up in the morning you’re on the job.”
Slappy White

Lots of people dread hob hunting. Maybe you want a new job, but hate the idea of what’s involved- steps such as writing your CV or Resume, networking, doing research, and attending interviews. So make it easier for yourself- Find the parts you like or hate the least, and start there.

There are many types of job search, the most obvious distinction is between the conventional and the unconventional, or disruptive job search as some pundits are calling it .So we will examine a number of tactics and strategies and suggest you “Pick and Mix” what works for you.

Maybe you have found or read some job search advice and are following it rigidly whether or not you feel comfortable doing it. But if you’re struggling to make your way through the maze, and adapt the process for yourself.

Just do something! Find your favourite aspect and tackle that. Make a start and then follow whatever opportunities present themselves .Once you have the ball rolling you can step back and consider a strategy going forward.

There are so many different steps in job search you must be comfortable with some of it. Maybe doing research is just your thing. It’s a fantastic place to start a job or career change anyway!

Or, perhaps you are a “people person.” Brilliant ! Networking is still the most successful way of landing your next job.

The idea here is to get moving. If you’re stuck, remember that things will become more manageable once you get moving and start getting results from your efforts. So, start with the things that come naturally to you.

For example, if you are best at talking to people and feel you want to talk things over with friends; call them! And join a job search support group. Then follow through to other networking groups and conversations. A support group could be just the thing to start making some new connections and get you in the right frame of mind.

Do What Works For You.

For example: if you’ve heard online networking is great but you can’t manage that then start with in-person networking. The local chamber of commerce is a great place to start, as are Breakfast or lunch networking groups. Industry associations are usually a great way to meet people.

And, don’t forget barbecues and family parties. The best connections resulting in leads and job offers often originate there. And don’t forget reunions and alumni events!

Go with your instinct

Sometimes a really strategic contact is someone you’d never socialize with on a personal level. But the chances are, if they are uncomfortable to you they and their company may not be a good match for you anyway. Of course, there’s more to an organization than one employee. And, if you end up working there, you might never again have to deal with this person.

But remember when you’re talking with someone you like, you’re at your best. You shine and show your true colours. This puts you in the best possible light for referrals and other invites. So maybe you are more comfortable building a true relationship with a few great people; In the end; networking is truly about relationships.

Apply for anything you know you can do, within reason, not just positions related to your last position. Like life, many jobs just need someone with common sense, some basic skills and the right attitude.
Get help with the things you don’t like. Get a coach or CV or Resume writer to help with the steps you just can’t motivate yourself to do. You’ll be amazed how much easier things become when you’re guided!

One step at a time

Many small steps make a big effort so identify what makes you feel best and start there. Don’t try to be perfect as this will only lead to inertia.

Make this YOUR project. Be easy on yourself, look back on everything you’ve already accomplished and know your next opportunity is around the corner.

Even if it takes several months – which is not at all unusual these days, don’t give up.

Do What Works For You. There is much written about the correct way to job search, but there is no secret formula. Do all the obvious things like get your CV ready, spread the word to friends, network , but most importantly follow up all your leads, wherever that takes you.

Download this checklist, complete the form as you follow the course and make your Job Search effective.

The Job Search 10 Point Checklist


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  1. Thank you very much for the beneficial topics and the brief secrets to job search. Keep the spirit alive and continue educating us

  2. Hello!! I am mozambican and finished my bachelor degree. Now, the economy of my country is very bad, then isn’t easy to have a job that correspond of my degree.
    Please, I would like your help to get a job.

  3. I benefited a lot in this lesson. I was meant to know that before I start to search for a job, my cv must be ready and I will spread the word to friends, even into network, then I will follow up all my plans in order to achieve them. Thanks and God bless you.

    Tutor@what is a

  4. I’m a graduate. HND holder in agricultural engineering with one year working experience with Bank Of Agriculture I need 4 hectare of land to to equally and capital strength my profession career to also make the nation grown.

  5. l’m a graduate. l have Bsc Ed Agricultural science. working experience 13 years teaching with science secondary. here in Kaduna Nigeria.

  6. sufiyan musa abdulahi ,I have bachlor degree in veterinary medicine(DVM) and I have 2yrs work experience at veterinary clinic in ethiopia, eastern hararghe of oromia jarso woreda. I need job by my profession to strength my professional skill and to solve animals diseases that can be reduce productivity of th animal’s as well as to strength and develop my skill.

  7. I,m very appreciate with good big job,i was graduate computer literature and pratical for some times, and grade (2) with workiing experiance a part of education, i like to improve my career.

  8. thanks sir for you coaching kindness. How ever i need a job. I am a deploma degree holder in electrical/electrical engineering with 3 years experienced

  9. Thank sir and from this note I am confident and bold to penetrate easily the job market and be recruited.
    Yours Sincerely. Deen from Gambia

  10. I love your leson. I am a nurse/midwife, nurse educator and l have a University degree in health education.. Pls help me get a good job

  11. Hi,
    My name is mpho iam from Johannesburg I have my NQF level 4 IN SHORt term insurance with 1 year expirience with AON south Africa iam looking for opportunity to continue within the financial services provider industry

  12. J’ai un diplome en langue et litterature me connecte avec les groupes comme YALI initié par Obama et le RNEB qui s’occupe de l’evaluation des activites faites dans un organisme installé pour le développement.j’ai alors l’envie de travailler confortablement pour me prospérer néanmoins il n’y a pas d’espoir de trouver du travail suite au manque de moyens pouvant m’aider à mieux élaborer mes projets.

  13. I’m Mirwais Karrimi i’m 29 graduated from Agriculture Economic and Extension Department i’m also joined many organization with different position.
    1- Resource Development officer with USAID
    2-English Linguist with USA advisers MEP
    3-Cooperative subject Trainer GAALO

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