Job Search Introduction

It has been said that you probably know the person who can help you find your next job .Richard Bolles is the author of probably the best selling job-hunting book in the world “What colour is your parachute?” He says … Continue reading →

The Hidden Job Market

Did you know that hundreds of thousands of high salary jobs are filled each month that are never seen on job boards? Up to 80 % of jobs are not advertised. And the ones that make it to job boards … Continue reading →

Job search strategy

Are you using an ineffective job search strategy? The typical activities that job searchers use include: Post CV or Resume on various career sites. Set up job alerts on jobsite, Fish4jobs, The Ladders,, etc and check target Company sites … Continue reading →

How to get past the “Gatekeeper”

The” gatekeeper” is the person employed to deflect unwanted approaches to the manager you are trying to get to. Their job is to filter out and deal with as many issues as they can, freeing up their superior to deal … Continue reading →

Don’t be aggressive

Conducting a job hunt can take quite a long time and over a period of weeks or months people begin to self-doubt. Why haven’t they found a position yet? This feeling of doubt can change into one of desperation—especially if … Continue reading →

Personal Information

In many countries now, employers cannot legally use personal information to make hiring decisions. This can backfire on the candidates because most employers find it difficult to overlook personal information that is voluntarily provided to them by the candidate. If … Continue reading →

Find Me A New Job Using Your Contacts

In your job search, don’t forget to look at small and medium sized companies as well as huge conglomerates. It is now widely recognized that these companies are extremely important to any economy, and the good news for you is … Continue reading →

Job Search Hints and Tips

In summary Here are some job search hints and tips and facts to keep you going during what could be a long campaign in today’s economy. Job search is not easy. The likelihood is that no-one else will get you … Continue reading →


You should have all you need now to write a fabulous, effective CV, and move on to our Job Search and Interview Preparation Courses.     Following these 5 tips should ensure your cover letter is read, your CV stays … Continue reading →