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  1. Am Beronda siraje from UGANDA I want to work in Canada as a security guard I will make sure that I saw professional on duety because I have experience thank you .

    • Yes i really want to come and work in canada as a truck drive hope so if that is possible for me to join one of the company in canada i will work hard to show my capacity .thank you

  2. new student I am very interest this lessons although I am desire certificate I will be regulate my lessons but how can you help to get a job thank

  3. This is a wonderful lecture. I enjoyed it and I wish to achieve something through the job searching strategy. In fact, i have started practising it. Thanks a lot and God bless you.

    Tutor@ what is a

  4. thanks very much for the resson. I’m curretly graduating a bachelor degree of Accounting and Finance at Mzumbe University-Tanzania, but i found its difficult to get a job. please anyone who can connect me within Tanzania help me.

  5. With the hidden treasure for jobs its really interesting…. I hold a Degree in Bus.Administration and a Dip. Secretarial….Pliz feel free to get me connected… Thank you in advance.

    Matama Suzanne
    your student

    • Thank u so much. I never new that there are hidden jobs. Ive been applying to advertised jobs without success. I have Masters in Math Education and my name is Zoe. Im glad that I got to know about this. t
      Thank you

  6. Thanks for the lesson you gave me you increased my interest to hant around for jobs thank you
    Looking forward to seeing you again

  7. I also gave the special thanks to your authority for the considering people like me in order to know about our on sins

  8. I want to take this time to thank you for giving me this opportunity to study this course and I hope to take great advantage of it .

  9. I would like to thank for this pleasant course.I really thank so contnue like this,because it is important view for all people in the world.

  10. I once again wish to say,thump up
    Actually,email uszhe. Phone calls and person to person contact in
    seeking for employment have added
    To my hungry seeking knowledge.
    To be polight and choice of
    Words in seeking for a job is
    An added asventsge to in this
    Thanks so much for this course

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