Should I take another degree?

“I am a graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Library, Archive and Information studies. . My choice of study was influenced by a friend who had been at the university before me. After graduation I could not find a … Continue reading →

How Should I Deal With Threats

“I’m a manager, administrating one office. I always run the business in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations. But sometimes political figures exert pressure to do something else. They don’t manage or control me, so they threaten me. How … Continue reading →

Am I over qualified for a position?

“I recently applied for a position as a Customer Care Supervisor. The Recruiting Manager rejected the application, saying he believes I am over qualified for the job. I really need to get that job. What can I do?” Is he … Continue reading →

Have you ever been bullied at work?

My manager is always picking on me. No matter what I do, I am, always wrong. She doesn’t give clear instructions, then is angry that at I haven’t completed the tasks she wanted, although she hasn’t defined them to me. … Continue reading →

How can you get finance?

Thanks a lot for the advice and encouragement you send me. I believe it’s better for me to work at home, so I can look after my family. The problem can be the capital to start the business. In my … Continue reading →

Your Boss is about to be sacked

First of all, may I express my sincere thanks and gratitude for the great professional tuition and advice that you have been giving me towards my career development? I have a problem at hand, for which I crave your professional … Continue reading →

Why you are the best candidate

A company I want to work for has released a driver’s vacancy on line. Candidates are invited to write in less than 1000 words why they are the best candidate for the position. How can I write this? First of all … Continue reading →

Standard sector specific CV

I am looking for a new job in the health and safety sector in Nepal. Can you send me an up to date CV relevant to that sector that is perfect for me please. Can you be very kind and … Continue reading →

Target your CV

A company I want to work for has released a vacancy for a Sales Administrator, on line. Candidates are invited to write a CV and cover letter in application for the position. Please assist me to write this. First of … Continue reading →

What if your boss is bad tempered

My boss shouts at me whenever I make a mistake instead of speaking to me privately and showing me my mistake, and how I could have performed better. He embarrasses me in public. He doesn’t handle pressure in the way … Continue reading →