should-he-resignThanks for your good mail received today.

I am also facing some problems in my Job. I am well established in my Job and work in a streamlined way to cover my work and responsibilities but my seniors think that I do nothing and am making mistakes and errors in my work. Actually, I have a heavy work load and I am covering four people’s work on my own.

Due to this, I am being disregarded in annual increments and other incentives. I have not been promoted for several years, and people who have joined the company in the last four years are getting big increments and incentives and get good ratings, even though they are not as effective as I am in their work.

I am facing several financial challenges right now, and suffering several stresses mentally and physically.

Kindly give me suitable suggestion whether I can quit this Job and search new Job or any other thing you suggest.

Kindly help me in this regards, your reply will be highly appreciated.

should-he-resign-answersI’m sorry to hear of your troubles, and will do what I can to advise you, although be aware I don’t know your country, its cultures and practices and employment law.

You always have the right to withdraw your labour and go and work elsewhere, but it is inevitably a good idea to conduct the job search while you are still in a job. I know this is difficult to do, but prospective employers always look more favourably on people in employment than those out of work.
You can always organise a quick break between your jobs if you need it, to catch up with other things in your life.

But before you do that, I think you should discuss the situation with your immediate manager. Collect your EVIDENCE of your claim that you are doing four peoples work and are being treated unfairly. You MUST have evidence to back you up. And then you must be calm and unemotional in presenting your case.

If you can successfully win your argument, then ask them to right the wrongs. Promote you as soon as possible, pay some increments, or whatever you think is reasonable. Have a list prepared. This is a negotiation.

If you can’t persuade them, or they are not prepared to right the situation, DO NOT resign on the spot. Remain dignified, and just conclude the meeting .Then job search.

Or alternatively job search first, and go to them in the knowledge that you have another job “up your sleeve”. This is your strongest negotiating position.

Good luck


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  1. With all due respect, you do not need to resign. You need to engage with your superiors in a discussion over your career. This should entail what your job description is, so that you do not need to work for four people. Is there salary structure for the positions? What is the criteria for moving up the scale of the salary structure. When negotiating for higher salary then it should not be comparing yourself with others, but justifying why what you do deserve a better remuneration based on the salary structure within your organization. Still that does not stop you from seeking greener pastures which you come across. It is rewarding to improve a system from within. I also hope you have professional bosses who will take your issues a positive note.

  2. Do not resign your job. First keep on trying, try to negotiate with your immediate supervisor to know why your appraisal is under average;write a letter to your supervisor to review his appraisal and ask to acknowledge the receipt. thank you.

  3. I’m so sorry about that becase that’s my falt because I’m bysy with my job .But I’m not happy at my job please try me a job for me.

  4. My suggestion would be to keep calm and work quietly don’t stress yourself. Avoid hardworking maintain pace of work equivalent to peers. At time not necessarily what you feel is true reflection of situation especially at critical times like this.

  5. Suck kind of problems are common in developing countries,they assign multiple work to persons but they focus on their errors. Any I agree with your advice, It is better to search another job before resigning his job.

  6. Who does your appraisal? Have they discussed with you why they feel your not doing well. How do you measure your performance. If you were to resign, it would be important for you to find out why things are noting working. Otherwise you may end up having the same problems with your next employer

  7. Dear Mr

    First you should not quit un till to find a better job than that
    second you should try for new job but for this you have analyze
    your self can you be able to settle down in new setup.

    Second you will not be promoted as the new entrants are being
    promoted the major reason for this is you were not able you valued
    your work in front of them so now they now that you are not necessary
    for them.
    You must work hard and at a same time search for new job
    when you will quit than they will offers you a better package but
    at that time you have to take decision whether remained at a same
    place or its better to change the org


  8. Well,the issue here now is you do not have any ready job at hand yet or moreover pays more than the present one you are doing.So the best thing to do is to see your bosses and talk to them and ask what you are not doing right or is there any advise they can give to you as well?And lastly, if you think this is not helping then i advice you keep doing what you think is the best and not take into consideration what people say about you and also be optimistic in your dealings till you find a better job don’t quit this prsent one you are doing.

  9. I was also in the similar situation before, my advise to you is seek a dialogue with your bosses and tell them your problems what makes you do all those mistakes

  10. As a professional, he should know that he is a fair weather friend with the employer. Except for the fact that he has family issues, he should have been searching for jobs since.

  11. I agree with the fact that first, do some job analysis on your self because u might think you are working for four people instead of one but may be your work outline given to you before starting work state all those responsibilities and duties you are doing now. After that if you think you are right about your over work load, discuss with management and then if things continue like that likely find a new job. you must do what u are passionate about that bring success. you need a good vibration around you if you want to success in life. Again I think that you should also look at your gender policy in your work place. Thanks

  12. There are number of issues which need clarification before providing piece of advises. He said other people who are less effective get promotions and other benefits but while carrying workloads of four people and doing better, his performance is not recognized by senior managers. Why? If the pays and other benefits are linked to performance evaluation systems and if the systems works in transparent manner, I don’t see the reason why the person is side lined? If he feels that the system is biased against him, the first step should be first, sit down with the managers and openly share the complaints; if they are not open enough to respond to this, then engage appropriate higher management body seeking explanation on this. I do hope that this organization will have mechanisms to make complaints and there will be no way to single out one person and exploit in such manner.

    Therefore, I don’t see resignation as good idea before exhausting official response from the organization. However, if he keeps silent and continue trying to do everything and not sitting down with the management, I think the situation will continue.

  13. Dear a hint , take a pen and a paper. Honestly analyse all the situation first. Still , if there was problem with your supervisor and you had great skills. Search a new job first, if you find a new job with good income. You won , and if not stay with your current job. Try to work more harder , and follow the instruction of your supervisor.

  14. sorry to hear that, don’t leave your job because bad job is better than nothing.also the world is challenge and challenges makes you to be strong person. evaluate your weakness and strengthen. thanks

  15. To how many bosses is our friend reporting to? If our friend knows that he/she is a performer let her request for a departmental transfer to prove that he/she can perform. the other thing is to sit down with the boss and understand what the boss wants to be achieve. how does our friend divide the prime time and the work life balance. work life balance simply means how he/she combines personal and official activities. our friend might have more downtime than productive time. how is our friend delegated the what to do for the day? there is also chance at that point to say that this is too much. he/she can bargain to be delegated as a piece meal approach. which means that another job should come when the previous one is completed and presented to the boss. If all the work is given at once and all the work needs corrections then our friend is able to cry for the workload. stay blessed till next question. she should not resign but prove that he/she is a performer.

  16. I empathize with you in your situation. I do not know your country as cultures vary from one country to another. But, that not withstanding, I advise as follows:
    1. It is not advisable to quit a job when you’ve got no alternative on hand. Most employers are more keen to employ somebody with hands-on experience than one that is out of job. Secondly, if you’re developing countries where the government does not have social benefits and welfare programmes for citizens, how do you sort out your daily bills. Its even worse if you’re married and have children in school. So, quitting the job without an alternative is not advisable.
    2. Your claim of doing 4 peoples jobs and doing it very well may be subjective. You said your boss complains of errors, et al. I’m sure your boss must have pointed out some of such errors to you in the past. The truth is, every boss wants a very meticulous and thorough subordinate. One who can work with little or no supervision. The onus is thus on you to review your thoroughly and ensure you cross all the “ts” and dot all the “is” before submission. Where possible, get a close peer to double check for you before you submit.
    3. You claim to be handling 4 peoples jobs. Where you feel the burden is too much on you, sit down and collate enough evidence to back up your claim before approaching your boss. Even when you approach your boss, do not confrontational as that could worsen an already bad situation. Be cool, calm and collected; be open-minded and go in the spirit of dialogue.
    4. Where at the end of the meeting with your boss, you fail to achieve your goal, sit back, review your job again and look at ways you can improve. Where you see need for additional work tools to enhance your performance on the job, present such request to your boss for further deliberations.
    5. While on the job, update and fine-tune you CV and start job-hunting. Plan your work schedule in every way possible to create time for you to be able to scout for other jobs.
    6. Besides employer-financed training and on-the-job experience, plan some personal development programs for yourself from time to time.

    Above all, the choice is yours. Best of luck in your career and life pursuits.

  17. Sorry for being upset with the way you’re treated at work, but if truly you’re overloaded as mentioned and your line manager is not recognizing it, the best way to communicate this to your company is by applying for a short leave(14days).., with your absence from work, this will show and prove to your bosses how hardworking you’re because there will automatically be a gap. and while on leave, try to search for new opportunities elsewhere with a positive thinking on what you want.

  18. He should not quit. To quit will not be a good solution. If he knows how hard he is working, and that he is covering for four other workers, he should go and talk to the seniors. Let him expose his concern to the seniors.

  19. concentrate on the duties on your job description and when told you are not doing your job, come with the jd so that they show you which one you are not performing

  20. He need to revisit his TOR and concentrate on that and let the Boss know his limitation and mandates. You only kill your self on where you have high regard and respect.

  21. First of all, you were not supposed to accept and do the jobs of four people. Time is always a limiting factor in your effective delivery of your tasks. The more tasks you shoulder than which is expected from you, the more inefficient you will be, because you will not be able to concentrate to perform the task effectively. So, do only what you are supposed to do.
    The other thing is that, you need to be transparent to your immediate supervisor and tell him/her about your workload.
    After all these, if the management can’t understand your situation, you may resign safely after securing job from elsewhere.

  22. no i say no for resignation that is due to your contract signed between parties if you agreed to work according to Key Performance instruction given to you, something we call work guidelines how will you work to whom you report, do/not do all compiled but now your superior need performance be far from the milestone agreed, ILO provided law instruct employer to limit working hours not to exceed 8 per day or 45hrs per week, if exceeds overtime must be provided to employee.

    That is my opinion, still we have trade Unions at working place please liaise with your trade union secretary to sort out pproblem facing you

  23. If you are doing job and bearing extra burden then you should gain extra allowance. If owner or higher authority is not satisfy with your work then there are very very less chance to promote in this job. better to remain in this job and find another job. when you achieve that job then resign from previous job. in this way you can improve your career.

  24. Please do not resign before you get another job, because you already have financial problems. In some organizations assessment of the work of one person can handle does not exists, yet this comes with deadlines and sometimes you have to forget a about yourself to perform because you still need that job. Sometimes if your supervisor keeps telling how incompetent you are, it affects yourself esteem, do not accept your mind to consume it, that is why you are feeling mentally stressed. Keep positive and do your best as you search for a new job.I am almost faced with the same condition but i do my best and i keep positive and focused.

  25. Performing all works under your job sometime is not only reason for supervisor to evaluate your performance and upgrade. Some times the way that you are communicating with your supervisor may make this misunderstanding and result in a feeling that you are not performing good.

    please try to check how those colleagues who promoted communicate with their supervisor and try the suitable way.

    Resigning may not be the only suitable choice, you may face the same problem in other palces.

    good luck

  26. My suggestion is not to leave the Job right now. I can understand the problem you are facing because of being overburden with mental and physical stress. But quieting a Job is not a solution talk to your manage and discuss the problem.Have patience and start searching job.And if the current situation is unavoidable avail your leaves for few days. There is a solution of each and every thing in the world . Keep yourself positive do some exercise that will relief you from stress,pray and put your efforts to get best for yourself.Best of Luck

  27. first of all i have my colleague the same feeling you have. what i want to say in this case is you have to work your job with right time ,effective at the final desired.if you not will like this you are some thing mistake and you have to correct and to analyze what you are doing in your assign job. and you have to work properly and use your time and ready to accept your boss any thing order you and you should respect your boss and the other your team mate . and if you are work others please try to solve by win win negotiations with brief evidence that you have workload.
    and finally, please try to know what is the case you have a problem with your near boss and ask some one to tell your case. and and you have to have Good Communication.
    try to solve your issue if not solved go to higher /manager or for disciple committees of the organization.

  28. Thank so much that is the best way to get out by searching for a new employment and make sure you are employed before you leave,sometimes if you resign because of each a condition to get a new job will be very difficult.Thank you so much for your advice I hope other with learn from it

  29. My dear I discovered few things from your complaint here.
    1. The workload you are talking about, you might be the one giving them to yourself because I know and believe that every organization of this modern day world have their job description which will always serve as a yardstick for judging your performance. so if you did not deliver on your duties because you incorporate other duties into your own expecting praises or increments, you won’t get any. Know your job and do them.
    2. Work with your skills and reduce the level of emotions you attach to the job. this is because if you attach more emotions instead of skills, your emotions will inhibit your performance and no organization promotes a None Performer.
    3. Remove greed. You have to focus on your duties and deliver them. the more time you devote to monitor what others are doing well or not doing the more you useless, your precious asset (TIME)
    4. You lack good communication channel. Absence of good communication channel between you, your colleagues and your employer can relegate you to the background. Because without communication, nobody will know your feelings and you will not know what is obtainable in your place of work, so ensure you create one today.
    5. Job satisfaction . Try always to do jobs that give you satisfaction and self fulfilment because without it in place, you can never be motivated to work no matter the amount of money you are being paid.
    6. Improve your employability skills. when you improved on your skills, the organization will do anything to retain you . then you are an asset and not a liability

  30. “I am facing several financial challenges right now, and suffering several stresses mentally and physically”

    – This, I must say, makes me feel bad about the immediate supervisor of our brother/sister! Is he/she so blind as to see the heavy workload? What does the country’s policy on labour say? Where are issues of equality in this kind of treatment where there is no consideration for motivation? Hey…some of these employers should be aware that stress can kill…and what is happening to this colleague mentally and physically may cause death! And if the complainant is somebody living with HIV, it is even more dangerous.

    My advice…first explore new job opportunities before quitting! Realising that God has a purpose for everything happening in a person’s life…there should be some window open elsewhere! I believe!

  31. I normally do not advice to do four persons job by a single person. In this case all the four jobs do not get proper attention.
    Try to explain your job loads to the supervisor/s, so that they understand your work stamina and honor you.
    Once u r working very hard, you have good experience, u have energy to perform more works: search new job, you may get more benefited jobs in the market. Think that change is better. I do believe on this as well.
    It seems that u r not very happy with the ongoing job. That means u may loose your day to day work performance. So search new one may motivate you. So try for that.

  32. Like every other person has suggested, try and discuss the work load challenges with your supervisor without sounding like you are complaining. He might not know because he is not the one wearing the Shoes and so doesn’t know where it hurts. If he is still unreasonable, you may need to start looking for another job.

  33. I agree with your advice. The two approaches are in place. I am sure some employers may not want to lose potential employee. in such situation the negotiations with the employer may help to salvage the situation.

  34. Sometmes exprience comes in disguise. One of them being that you are doing work meant for four people which means you are having additional expertise that can improve your CV and your value in the job market. As advised above best thing do a job search and be sure you can excel in it, then ask for a recommendation letter and make sure all the four jobs and duties are mentioned in them this will improve your image to your prosepctive employers who am sure will find you more of value than an under performer.

  35. I think you are right, so many hard working employees are being frustrated by weak supervisors that way,i have a similar situation.
    i would advise job search before meeting the bosses because i think they know job descriptions of all the employees this means they may not listen to you whatever argument you may present

  36. The first advàver has said all, please do not resign. Register your displeasure to your manager. Further I try labour movement in industry or representative to handle your grievances.

  37. what you are going through my dear is very serious and something has to done,the first thing i can advise is that please work on your own feelings of not waited at the company you should think that you are an asset at the company and your contribution is more important.second dont mind about the new workers because the more you concentrate on looking whats you seniors are doing to the new workers the more you putting yourself in troubles.Third what ever you are doing do it with your skills and dot feel to be overloaded its helping you to prepare your mind for any challenge you might face.

  38. Please please please don’t think you do/done better or good works/jobs. When others told you “done a good job”, its your success.
    Other hand if job satisfaction are not present in your current job location, why you are staying for long time? Just quit, find a new job and prove your potentially.

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