should-he-resignThanks for your good mail received today.

I am also facing some problems in my Job. I am well established in my Job and work in a streamlined way to cover my work and responsibilities but my seniors think that I do nothing and am making mistakes and errors in my work. Actually, I have a heavy work load and I am covering four people’s work on my own.

Due to this, I am being disregarded in annual increments and other incentives. I have not been promoted for several years, and people who have joined the company in the last four years are getting big increments and incentives and get good ratings, even though they are not as effective as I am in their work.

I am facing several financial challenges right now, and suffering several stresses mentally and physically.

Kindly give me suitable suggestion whether I can quit this Job and search new Job or any other thing you suggest.

Kindly help me in this regards, your reply will be highly appreciated.

should-he-resign-answersI’m sorry to hear of your troubles, and will do what I can to advise you, although be aware I don’t know your country, its cultures and practices and employment law.

You always have the right to withdraw your labour and go and work elsewhere, but it is inevitably a good idea to conduct the job search while you are still in a job. I know this is difficult to do, but prospective employers always look more favourably on people in employment than those out of work.
You can always organise a quick break between your jobs if you need it, to catch up with other things in your life.

But before you do that, I think you should discuss the situation with your immediate manager. Collect your EVIDENCE of your claim that you are doing four peoples work and are being treated unfairly. You MUST have evidence to back you up. And then you must be calm and unemotional in presenting your case.

If you can successfully win your argument, then ask them to right the wrongs. Promote you as soon as possible, pay some increments, or whatever you think is reasonable. Have a list prepared. This is a negotiation.

If you can’t persuade them, or they are not prepared to right the situation, DO NOT resign on the spot. Remain dignified, and just conclude the meeting .Then job search.

Or alternatively job search first, and go to them in the knowledge that you have another job “up your sleeve”. This is your strongest negotiating position.

Good luck


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  1. My dear,

    So good to hear and read about your success in life, it should be crystal to you that working with and for other persons will eventually make you a slave to them.

    Therefore it best of interest to always work for yourself and earn your money and be less stress free.

    Point blank RESIGN now. Employ yourself, invest in what you can do for yourself and earn your money. start small though and be great latter.

    • Ionce was in the semilar situations my supervisor hate me just becoz she never went to school every day she report me to the Boss .to the point one day from no where they terminated me and ileft now self employed.therefore ,that is work politics be calm but prepare for any eventualities .in all don’t be stressful do ur best make sure u acomplete task effectively in time and smart.and above all Put God first let his will be done thx dear.

  2. Dear Person,
    I have experience like you. I feel like that and I have caught troubles badly. firstly I negotiate with my Manager, but I can’t overcome it because my seniors always looking for my errors and point out them daily even I work hard and respect to them. finally they asked me force to resign but I explain my situation so my manager release me but , I decided to resign soon because this situation will make me depression later .
    So, I suggest you , should resign if you can’t overcome !

  3. Dear; Pauline

    Thank you for inviting me to share my comment. First of all he should
    be evidenced for his saying of the work load he has working is subject
    to be done by four people (i.e. the organization structure whether it
    demands four people actually). Any way, he should try to justify the
    fact if it is so and then should try to get a legal advice to get
    appropriate feedback.

    With regard


  4. I think you should search a better opportunity and then resign this bullshit job. If your seniors already set up their mind that you don’t work in spite of going through heavy work load, then I think they never change their mind towards you. So find a suitable job for you and then tell your present office good bye.
    One more thing you have to find out your weakness by this time so that in your next office you won’t do the same thing with your colleagues so that they can exploit you and obviously lean how to say “NO” politely. I think you can make yourself in a better position which you deserve.
    Finger Crossed.

  5. Dear person, I will not advise you to leave this job. I think you need to change your work habits, doings four persons work mean you don’t have not the guts to say NO . Discuss your problems to your boss and most important, see the other successful peoples dealing in the in the same environment otherwise you will face same problem in another job.

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