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  1. i’m degree holder in physics.if there is the job opportunity.i want to report me
    name Abdela Tusa
    country Ethiopia
    job teacher
    marital status married
    age 29

  2. Thanks a lot from ur informations
    In the other hand I have ability to give up product
    Rates I mean how to develop a product in bazaar
    Thanks again

  3. Iam an educationalist who has done training from primary, secondary and adult education. Iam able to handle children,teanagers,as well as adults.Have a Passion in educating teenagers in comprehensive sexuality education,then I have a passion to teach financial literacy and how to start and run a business. I also help to help children build their self esteem.

  4. Thanks for advice,I have 2 years experience in sales and marketing in wheal milling factory then I am a business designer .

  5. It is very important for me if I can get training course with my field. To improve my skill I like to attend the course. Please give information if there is acourse or jop with my filed.
    1- Auto mechanic &
    2- Saftey tecnician (include road saftey).

  6. I am so grateful having been a member and a finished product of this e’learn platform. I currently work as a store and inventory manager at Hotel here in Uganda, as well seeking to serve in the same postition or others in the kitchen management in UK. Any one interested in hiring me can reply or use the same procedure to find me. Denish Bob Opido.

    • Very good morning to you, I would like to hear more on how to have such a position, I am working as counselor in Namibia but I have a Honours Degree on HIV/AIDS Management and will be graduating on September 2017. I have 11 years of experience on this field since 2006 but I just moved few steps but not really on the standard of my qualification.

      Hope you can guide me whatelse can I do next.

    • My name is Festus Shinyemba I would like some one to help me on how to focus on my career course being a counselor for 11 year I just don’t understand rather to grow on something else close to your career.

  7. Thanks very much for your advices and couraging tips on self sastainebility,am john bosco from uganda ,but in field of somalia for short duty purpose,i have got experience of 6year in Elderly care management and oracticing on my personal bussiness but wish to work also out side my country,and in any country .thanks.

  8. My name is aliakbar I have a 7year experience operation theatre I am a govt employee govt main munshi teaching hospital Lahore Pakistan post of ot/technetion

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