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  1. Hello
    my name is saifurahman i am from Afghanistan i can drive heavy cars and i am a steal fixer as well i wan.t to work with you people if you give me a job i will be plesure thx

  2. I am Rusagura Joseph requesting for getting a job. I am finalizing thesis for master degree in agriculture extension and education.

  3. Thanks a lot n be blessed for this Inspiration facts… Ts true I ever passed through this approach… ts real helpful indeed.

  4. Really Index chance to get work am Sudanese University graduate bachelor degree in accounting Ineed chance to work abroad please helped me

  5. Thanks for the substantial guide to my concerns, it is really motivating me to get guidance on my way towards finding job market that matches my testimonials and I hope your advice will help me improve more on my way!
    Hope you in touch.

  6. Some companies or organisations have very tight securities. So in most cases, ur CV will be taken by the security personnel which may or may not be submitted to the right person. pls how can u find ur way through in this situation, I need a reply plsssss. Thanks a bunch.

  7. This is a very educative lecture. With this piece of lecture, my attitude for job searching will now change from the old way to modern fashion. In addition, it is an eye opener. Thanks for educating me.

    Tutor@ what is a

  8. This is very educative information,with this piece of information am changing my attitude from the old fashioned to modern one mixed with creativity !! Thank you for building our capacity

  9. This is a heaven sent site indeed u cant imagine my next job iam going to I got interview qn approach/guidance from here about dos n don’ts in oral interview wc made me merge the best candidate.n now again I have got above piece of advice for hidden job searching am gonna implement this too ASAP to scoup a more bigger job.appreciate good work done by this site. long live God bless us all as we continue searching for best future opportunities.

    • Thanks for the informative session that Is brain storming and apparently eye opener that’s informing us and rendering solution to job search.
      I appreciate for your wonderful job
      Big up guys

  10. Glory be to God to be among the living n iam very much happy to hear some friends appreciate this media on the services it is rendering to us n wishing the best to whatisa though I also applied the job using this same media as a truck driver.

    My regards

    Collins masaiti.

  11. I like this post. Thank you very much.this has surely remainder me since I completed my first degree , I only attended an interview twice and I succeed in one. Since then all the jobs that have changed was through direct contact with the director of the organization or programs managers and after getting the job, please provide good performance.
    My friends kindly implement the above advice I will continue in the same track.

    Regards Christopher

  12. I thinks I now understand the more reason why I don’t see response on all or some of my applications online or via email submission.
    But I don’t know what else to do cause am fed up 24″7 online sourcing for job. After 4years of graduation from Higher Institution and 3year of NYSC discharged . pls I need a good advice from you . I look forward to hearing from you on your advise and assistance.
    Many thanks from here.

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