How to Prepare a Presentation

Or Prepare an Interesting CASE C Clarity A Anecdotes S Structure E Energy C Clarity Define the purpose of the presentation. Who, What, When, Why, How? Plan the points you need to make. Be concise. Concentrate on a couple of … Continue reading →

How to Communicate Effectively

The ABC A  Assert B  Build C  Challenge constructively How to communicate – Follow this simple ABC A Assert –make your views known even if they may be controversial. Be open in your views; make sure people know where you … Continue reading →

How to Mind map

Mind mapping, or concept mapping, is a way of writing things down that mirrors how our brains works. It was invented by Tony Buzan. It is an effective technique for;- Creative problem solving Note-taking Project planning Memorising things frame a … Continue reading →

How to Conduct a SWOT Analysis

Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats This is usually carried out as part of a Business Plan, or Competition Analysis. It should produce an action plan for the business. 1. First, define the scope of the SWOT- the company, a department, an individual, a product … Continue reading →

How to use Force Field Analysis

Force Field Analysis -Identify and Analyzing the Pressures For and Against Change Force Field Analysis is a useful decision-making technique. It helps make a decision by analyzing the forces for and against a change, and it helps communicate the reasoning … Continue reading →

How to network effectively

Networking -Do you love it or hate it? Or does it depend on your mood? Lots of people have a horror of being trapped in the corner by someone giving them a hard sell and waving a business card, trying … Continue reading →

How to start your own business

Much has been written about the new world of business and employment, which relies on a multitude of new start up companies’ creating their own employment. Gone are the days of jobs for life, full employment, and one company careers. … Continue reading →

How to plan an e-marketing campaign.

If you are not generating leads through online marketing, it is an area you need to investigate, if you are already then “well done”, perhaps this article can help you become even more successful at this. 60% of Small Business … Continue reading →