The importance of being a contributor — 84 Comments

  1. The instruction is meaningful and one can surely reap the benefit of applying them the right way.

  2. Thank so much for your inspirational lessons that u have given us,i believe through your words i will be able to grow up as a man of integrity .your lessons have imparted many lessons into my live which have in turn helped me in every day life,i anticipate a a bright fiture as a result of your lessons.

  3. thanks for a good information about importance of going extra mile


  4. Beautiful… This is all I wanted and I will apply them practically I as a professional.. Thanks a lot

  5. Wow I am glad for this lesson. Some of the mistakes I’ve made at job will be rectified.

  6. Thank you very much. This very vital and important information that I have really found very helpful in understand why I should be a contributor and have job satisfactions that I need.

    May God bless and continue helping me and others.

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