wants-to-take-a-degreeThanks for your mails, kindly assist on this.

I would like to pursue a degree course but I have a lot of challenges – financial, time, job security and choice.

What kind of advice would you give me?

Your advice will be highly appreciated.


wants-to-take-a-degree-answersI have written extensively about this on the site already in this section.

Developing Your Career Lessons

This is an important and relevant post .

Career management model

And I recommend you go through this process. Ask family and friends to help you and talk through things with you .

Career management process

Let me give you an analogy. If you are setting off on a long journey, you will find it easier to plan the best route if you know what your destination is. If you don’t know your destination, the chances are you won’t take the most direct route

If you don’t plan your life’s journey at least in outline, then you run the risk of getting halfway to somewhere and realising you don’t want to go there.

Admittedly you can only plan in outline because things change, you change, life’s circumstances change, technology changes. But an outline plan is better than no plan at all.

So, I advise you to spend the time thinking about how your career should be shaped. This doesn’t stop you grabbing opportunities as they present themselves. But at least you are working with some self-awareness.

You haven’t given any indication of what subject you want to study. don’t make the mistake of doing a degree without considering the job opportunities it will open up for you Maybe if you follow a professional route such as accountancy you can learn while you are earning, in any event you can usually work part time while you study for a degree

Then you can address your challenges. Maybe your financial commitment will not be as great as you fear because you can find way of learning “on the job “. Maybe you don’t need a degree at all.

Job security is one of the things you should keep uppermost in your mind as you go through the process of thinking about your career management. When you know what, you need to do, time may not be so pressing.

And you can make an informed choice by researching the areas that interest you. Look at courses, apprenticeships, costs, job security, earning potential. -whatever you have identified as important to you

Think about how this role may change in the years to come as technology develops, and what direction that may take you in.

Hope this helps


Wants to take a degree — 23 Comments

  1. Thanks so much for that important lesson and advice, which is not only for he or she alone but most people also suffer from such confused decisions in Africa and make mistakes that lead to step back in life.

    • Yes,financial,time job security and choice are every important things but choice is most important thing here because it leads to self satisfaction.what you want to be depends on the choice you make today.Secondly how much will your choice cost you?.this depends on how much you have so when you add all these it will indicates to you wether to persuade the degree or not

  2. Hi brother first no one can help you as much you can
    As you said you have finance problem this means you have to get part time job to get some money
    About time remember no one of us have much time than other a day is 24 hours

  3. It is a matter of your interest, require a proper planning regarding financial position, sources and facilities. it depend upon your consistency and decisions.

  4. Dear all,
    I am seeking a female business partner. can share business ideas while we could do in Hunza, Pakistan. The ideas should base on China Pakistan Economic corridor (CPEC).

  5. Hi, I appreciate your initiation for asking advise to meet your goal.Because this is one way to get your road to your dream. I think you want to be an elated person whether you are a business man//women or any other types of jobs. That is wonderful. You can achieve it.
    There are different way to get a degree depending on your finance capacity and time as well as job security. Regarding to financial source limitation you can approach scholarship schemes. I think you have time because you are not a worker… If you are a worker you can join distance programs too.So that you can solve the time and financial problems of yours.

  6. Dear my friend, it is no use to aspire for degree. You should actually have purpose. Your purpose should have objective and should be based on its attainability. One cannot spring to its feet and say “I should have a degree”. Currently somehow you are earning a living one way or the other. Irrespective of how you live, you should plan your future life.Your plan depends upon your age, current status, academic base, way of life, inclination and wish. If you really wish to base your future on interest that really matters. So interest based plan can be achieved.
    Sorry for not giving you straight one answer if you give me specific degree I can share you my view. With regards

  7. Thanks for the advice. In fact my brother is facing the challenge of going for a degree. My advice has also coincided with yours. He is working and he wants to go for degree.
    I have forwarded your advice to him.
    Thankyou very much.

  8. Not long ago i was faced with the same situation (persuing a degree course while having limited resources in terms of money, time etc while i was employeed. To come up with the finances i had to save a small percentage of my salary for over a year while at the same time negotiating with my employer of the suitable mode of study. My employer could only approve weekend mode of study so without hesitation i joined the weekend program and am about finish. So my advice is save up few cash of your own, consult with employer the best mode of study that would work for both of you and take the risk of a loan to be added on top of what you have saved in case they are not enough then roll with your program.


  9. I have no question i have enough awareness about scholarship and the great Britain universities
    please help me to get this oportunities

  10. first this analogy is best education for me thank you
    I want take a degree the special and best university of world is in British school
    I feel that would be asset to learn your institution. i like an opportunity to meet with you please consider me
    thank you
    Tesfaye Temesgen

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