What is a career? — 175 Comments

  1. I have read through the notes but can you clarify for me if there are some form of work sheet or exam I’ll sit for or do and do I attain a certificate or something at the end of this training or course.
    Please clarify

  2. Am happy for this wonderful lectures. I pray for God’s grace upon the initiator of this lovely platform to educate people like me. Equally saying more power to your elbow

  3. I am Chelreo P. SayeGeh, a student reading Accounting at the United Methodist University in Liberia. Therefore, I am interested in any business course like the business management.

    I am very in lesson one(1)

  4. I am olana kebede from Ethiopia. I need job visa flight tickets
    My qualification bachelor degree and three year in economics degree in in banking industry

  5. The information given here is always interesting and beneficial, i have also tried using these information to mentor others on their career development,

    am very thankful for all the tutoring you are offering,

    Best Regards

    Ongu Saidi Hussen

  6. I am happy to have the opportunity to be a part of this dream fulfilling experience…Kindly help in enlightening me…Esteem regards.

  7. I am ijaz Ahmad from Pakistan I need job visa flight tickets
    My qualification bachelor degree and one year computer diploma in information technology

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